Kenyan top politician caught dry humping a man of the cloth

A Kenyan politician aspiring to become the fifth president of Kenya in their upcoming elections, stunned his country men after he dry-humped a ‘bishop’ as the congregation watched in amazement.

The presidential aspirant known as Stephen Kalonzo was demonstrating how it was not hard for a man to be on another man’s behind. Mr. Stephen who was wooing voters from the gays’ community said that he would legalize gay marriage once elected as president. “ What is so hard to be one someone’s behind? Many of you are pretenders because these are the things we do in the dark when everyone else is not seeing”

The bishop only known as Daniel Indatula was surprised when the presidential candidate told him to adopt a ‘doggy-style’ for him to demonstrate something and was shocked when he felt someone on top thrusting on his back.

All was happening in a church in Changamwe, which is in the Kenyan Coast. Although gayism is not permitted by the Kenyan law, its coastal region is known for these “unlawful” sexual activities which are attributed to the influx of foreigners who visit this area as tourists.

The gay community whose majority are found at the coast has been fighting for recognition by the government. However, the current president has been reluctant to pass any bill recognizing this minority group calling it ‘unafrican’. He will be remembered for his stand when he told off the visiting US president Barrack Obama in 2016 about gay right.

By correspondents

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