The Opposition leader Raila Odinga said on Monday that the Jubilee government should not have allowed Labour court judge Hellen Wasilwa to jail the health workers. Article 160 of the Constitution provides “In the exercise of judicial authority the Judiciary…shall not be subject to the control or direction of any person or authority.” So, what did Raila expect the Government to do? Usurp the independence of the Judiciary against the Constitution?

As usual, Raila said Jubilee Government was to blame. But who is being dishonest here? HERE IS THE TRUTH:-

 KMPDU took the CBA to court for registration last year, Justice Monica Mbaru ruled that the union had to negotiate a new one with the Health ministry, Salaries and Remuneration Commission and the counties. Now, since the Court failed to recognize the doctor’s CBA, isn’t it proof that the CBA IS NULL AND VOID?

 KMPDU and its members are demanding a WHOPPING 300 PERCENT SALARY INCREASE. Who in his right mind including Raila would ever give his employees a 300% raise at once?

 KMPDU is demanding Kshs. 340,000 for lowest paid and KSHS. 950,000 FOR HIGHEST PAID PER MONTH. Isn’t this above what equivalent civil servants and professionals like state counsel, tax officers, and architects earn?

 KMPDU called the strike before the 90 days a court had given medics and the State to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement had not yet elapsed. Can you demand to enforce one clause of labour law by flouting another?

 Kenyan doctors are better paid than their colleagues in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and the rest of Eastern Africa. Is the Government bound to implemented greedy demands?

 President Kenyatta offered to enhance the entry point of doctors from Job Group L to M, and salaries raised to Sh196,000, from the current Sh140,244 but they refused. Who turns down more than Kshs. 56,000 salary increase?

 Kiambu Governor William Kabogo recently “alleged that doctors’ union was being used by the opposition to dent the image of the Jubilee administration ahead of the August 8th General Election.” Is Opposition the sponsors of the Doctors strike which has claimed 20 lives?1505481.jpg