Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 07.41.06.pngHealth Committee Chairman in the Council of Governors Jack Ranguma is the one that went to Court on 1st of December and asked the Courts to jail the Doctors.
Not Uhuru, Not Ruto, Not Mailu.
The only person who can order Jack Ranguma to go to court, and withdraw the case is Raila. Jack Ranguma cannot listen to Uhuru, Ruto or Mailu. He only obeys baba.
So, to stop this madness- let us stop our partisan politics and ask Raila to order his Governor to withdraw the court case.


GOVERNMENT’S OFFER: The Government offered to raise the entry level grade into the public service for doctors to Job Group “M” from Job Group “L”, a grade higher than the normal entry level for other public servants in recognition of doctors’ professional training.

WHAT IT MEANS: The sum total of the Government’s offer meant that the minimum gross salary for doctors will increase to Ksh. 196,989 from the current Ksh.140,244 at full implementation at the current entry Job Group L.

• To raise the Enhanced Emergency Call allowance to Ksh.66,000 from the current Ksh.30,000 for Job Group L; Ksh.72,000 from Ksh.30,000 for Job Groups M-P; and Ksh.80,000 from Ksh.30,000 for Job Groups Q and above.
• A new Doctors’ Risk allowance at a flat rate of Ksh.10,000 per month.

TOTAL COST ON TAX PAYERS: The total impact of the Government offer on the exchequer would be an additional expenditure of Ksh.4 billion annually – shared among the nation’s 5,000 doctors.