MUTAHI NGUNYI: Voter registration was nonsense; Uhuru maintains the tyranny of numbers, Raila remains a loser



By Mutahi Ngunyi

Today I want to announce to the nation that voter registration was  a total waste of time. Literally it changed nothing, it altered nothing, it did not take us forward, it didn’t take us backward, it was just there. A total waste of national imagination. But on that I could be dead wrong, but if I am wrong, I do not wish to be right. We expected magic from this man called ‘baba’ but with the more things changed with this registration the more they remained the same. But the biggest let down was Mudavadi and Joho. According to the IEBC figures, Mudavadi was exposed as a parasite, Joho as a man whose only gift is running his mouth. Consider the facts with me.

Because of Mudavadi and because of Joho NASA has lost its chance to catch up with Jubilee.The two failed to register close to two million votes and they failed to do so because they are parasites. Without Raila NASA is nothing. In fact Mudavadi regained his relevance not because he created NASA but because Raila endorsed NASA. In sum NASA, Mudavadi and Joho are nothing but bloodsucking creatures. They are going to suck life out of Raila with a sense of entitlement and this is why they each had no motivation to register the extra 2 million votes in Western and Coast. According to them Raila will take care of the shortfall they failed to raise. Put differently, the two are nothing but spoilt political brats. They let baba down.
What about Kalonzo. Is he also a parasite on Raila? According to historical records Kalonzo was Raila’s boss in the 2007 coalition arrangement and this is a constitutional fact. But Raila disputed Kalonzo’s supremacy at every available national moment. In fact Raila battered Kalonzo into a position of an inferior boss. And because Kalonzo is a baptist and a Bible reading Christian, he succumbed to this abuse.

This is how Raila became his illegal technical boss in the Kibaki years. Kalonzo, a full Vice President was bullied by Raila into believing that he was inferior in form, history and position and in this state of inferiority complex Kalonzo submitted to the authority of Raila. Then in 2013, Raila made a generous offer. He promised to make Kalonzo his Deputy President the way Kibaki had made him his Vice President and to this useless offer Kalonzo cried with happiness. If Mudavadi, Wetangula and Joho are parasites who suck Raila’s political blood, Raila is the parasite on Kalonzo.

Because Kalonzo is a batterd man and the abusive partner in this relationship is Raila, my support is for the weak. I stand with Kalonzo. In particular I say no to domestic violence in political households like NASA. If Kalonzo was Raila’sboss in 2007, was battered into becoming his assistant in 2013, the domestic fights have moved from physical to psychological. Last week they argued that Kalonzo was about to betray Raila and if he did it the Kamba nation would abandon him. That was in the informal media.

This week they took the battle to social media. They told us that Kalonzo had broken NASA and everyone called him a traitor. This attack on Kalonzo is meant to achieve two things, one isolate him so that Mudavadi takes his position in the opposition and two shock NASA into the possibility of betrayal by Kalonzo. With the shock that I see, NASA should not be surprised if Kalonzo betrays them. Whichever path that Kalonzo takes, he is cooked and the winner here is Raila.

According to the latest IEBC figures, Jubilee gained an extra 898,000 voters while NASA gained an extra 814,000 voters through registration. But if you subtract 800 from 800, the answer is zero. And this is why I am saying voter registration achieved zero. Put differently, Uhuru didn’t win over voter registration. What actually happened is that NASA lost. And this is why I am giving them unsolicited advice over this election. What they lost in registration, they must gain in voter turnout. But there are two problems here.

Number one, super alliances create an illusion of early victory, and this illusion degenerates into low voter turnout. The 2002 super alliance under NARC attracted the lowest voter turnout in the history of our politics. Number two high turnout is only possible if there is something to be gained. If Raila is the candidate, the Luo nation will vote, if he is not, they will stay away. This also applies to Kalonzo and Mudavadi. If they are not part of the top two their voters will stay away and this is the NASA dilemma. What is my point here and what is my advice then, voter turnout can only be increased through a run off and this is what exactly what Kalonzo is trying to force so the NASA brigade must not fight him in my view.

NASA is not about country. Similarly, Jubilee is not about country. NASA and Jubilee are coalitions with a vision of what country should be. I don’t now which in these visions is the right one. What I know is the following; Raila is opposed to SGR but this SGR will be in Nairobi by June this year. You cannot stop it. The trains will travel from Mombasa to Nairobi in 4 hours at a good price. If Raila is President by August, he will have to see that SGR is good. Alternatively, he will have to uproot it and get a less corrupt one. I also know a second thing, if Raila was in government and Eurobond was his project, he would make it to look like a project from heaven. NYS would also be made to taste like ice cream. What is my point here, SGR is bad because it is not good, NYS is bad because it is not good. This is the Raila logic.

What about corruption, is the country as corrupt as Raila has told us, is this the most corrupt government since Kenya was made? In my wview, this is a historical lie. In the 1990s for instance, the Auditor General told us that about half trillion shillings was stolen in fraud and corruption. In one particular instance a powerful individual stole 7 billion shillings from a bank through the front door but this was done in Moi era. During the Kibaki/Raila regime, Raila admitted to Al Jazeera that there was corruption in his office. In fact the World Bank cancelled a Sh4.3 billion project for the youth because of corruption in his office. Not because Raila was corrupt but because Kenyans are generally corrupt and those in his office were no exception.


A company known as Dominion accuses Raila of corruption. We must not believe this. Accusations of corruption in government and accusations of corruption by Dominion are one and the same thing. This corruption talk is nothing but politics. If Dominion is playing politics on Raila, Raila is playing politics on government. Now we will tie voter registration with opposition politics. Maybe Raila knows that Mudavadi and Joho are not reliable and maybe he knows that they are big babies. If the two people he was to make Deputy President cannot register voters because they are overgrown babies, what options does baba have?

I want to submit that Raila is in a dilemma. Maybe he will win but I doubt it. If voter registration is not in his favour, he has to execute an alternative plan. His alternative plan hails from Nazi Germany. The Nazis had to construct a narrative that opposed the existence of the Jews. Hitler convinces his followers that Jews had stench and that they had a strong smell that no other human had. He even mobilized the Nazi scientists to study this foul body smell. Of course he was wrong and this is the Raila approach. If he cannot get the presidency, he will convince us that everybody has a stench. He will even get his scientists to study it. This is how he has poisoned our minds to accept negativity and to accept that government has a stench.


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