 KIDERO single-handedly looted Mumias Sugar Company dry, stole money belonging to farmers and bankrupted the company.

 KPMG Audit reports show how KIDERO stole billions of money belonging to Mumias Sugar cane farmers.

 The Auditor General, Edward Ouko, has established in 3 successive audit reports, that KIDERO and a web of racketeers like Wainaina, Kiamba, JAMBO PAY and numerous lawyers have plundered more than KES 200 billion-worth of public assets, land, county budget and other revenues.

 The EACC, NGO Council, KRA and other public bodies have CREDIBLE EVIDENCE proving that KIDERO has SIPHONED public money and LAUNDERED it using the KIDERO FOUNDATION and a network of law firms, banks and fake outlets.

 During his four and a half years of ineptitude and grand larceny, KIDERO has presided over the brutal extra-judicial killing, torture, maiming and extortion of tens of thousands of HAWKERS – who are just unemployed residents struggling to feed their families. The term #KanjoKingdom is an atrocious KIDERO legacy.

 Unemployment of Nairobians, especially the youth who comprise 64% of the population, remains one of the worst of any major city in the world. The youth need skills training, jobs and viable outs for their creativity and resourcefulness.

 Small business people are being starved out of existence by a mediocre bureaucracy and exorbitant licensing and operating levies imposed by KIDERO as conduits for his looting spree.

 Matatu owners are constantly harassed, extorted and forced to pay bribes daily to operate so that KIDERO can receive his daily KES 5,000,000 delivered to him every evening.

 Prime public land and expired leases have become one of KIDERO’s looting sources.

 Nairobi is buried in heaps of rotting garbage while money allocated for Solid Waste Management is being plundered.

 Nairobi’s residential areas have been turned into BROTHELS, noisy BEER HALLS, DRUG DENS. The DECADENCE has spread everywhere like BUBONIC PLAGUE, courtesy of KIDERO!

 Nairobi has the biggest, filthiest and most inhumane slums in the entire world yet instead of using the billions of shillings Nairobians have paid in tax revenues to construct affordable, decent and humane housing for those who live in the slums, KIDERO has stolen everything.

 Nairobi’s traffic gridlocks are now the worst since independence. Roads are few, narrow, dilapidated and yet KIDERO has stolen more than KES 200 billion that should have been used to build a Rapid Rail System, a Subway/Underground System and roads. Traffic gridlocks cost us hundreds of billions of shillings in lost productivity annually.

 KIDERO has neglected to buy and operate emergency services such as fire tracks and ambulance.

 During KIDERO’S 5 years of confusion, ineptitude and plunder, innocent Nairobians have died under collapsed structures that shouldn’t have been approved and built in the first place.

 Economically poor and vulnerable Nairobi residents have no access to recreational parks, gardens and facilities.

 Even though more than 80% of Nairobi residents cannot afford to buy vehicles, KIDERO has not build walkways and bicycle lanes.

 In short, EVANS ODHIAMBO KIDERO is a bad plague that no amount of cartel mysticism, propaganda, hype or stolen public funds can disinfect, cleanse and render safe.

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