Raila’s corruption unearthed

Slowly,and surely the story of Dominion Farms is getting covered. Sunday Nation today has another in-depth coverage of the issue. This is after K 24 did the in-depth story on what actually goes on in the farm.
The Sunday Nation has the following highlights
1) Gen Olusegun Obasanjo used to visit the area before the swamp was drained. When he visited the place after Dominion Farms had transformed it- he was more than impressed. He went back to Lagos, used his influence to send a big delegation of Nigerian Government Officials led by the Nigerian Minister of Agriculture. Gen Obasanjo could not actually believe what he was seeing. He tried his best to get Dominion to go to Nigeria to do the same- but as usual- corruption in Nigeria(Through the County Governor of Taraba County) stopped the project. Calvin does not pay bribes.
Gen Obasanjo organised that 50 Nigerians be flown in Kenya every year to learn the tricks of the Dominion Farms Miracle- and go back to Nigeria to kick out poverty.
*** My own words**** While Obasanjo was shipping in Nigerians to learn the tricks of farming and land reclamation- Raila was paying goons 500 bob to go throw stones at the farm. Raila was organising his sycophantic Governor and MCAs to lead Demos to kick Dominion out.
2) The Place that Dominion farms stands right now was a total wasteland full of TseTse Flies and mosquitoes. No Investor managed to reclaim the land- right from the Dutch in the 1970s and the LBDA in the 1980s and 1990s in spite of pouring millions.

Read more here… http://www.nation.co.ke/news/Rumours-truths-lies-Dominion-Farm/1056-3827670-3n14phz/index.html

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