Why Raila is worried

When Raila was mentioned by Duale about the “loan” he got from Mumias, his lawyers quickly wrote to Duale demanding public apology and retraction.
But when Billionaire Calvin Burgess mentioned Raila in an elaborate extortion campaign- he has not responded. His lawyers have not written to Calvin Burgess to demand a public apology.
Raila is 100% aware that Calvin Burgess caught him on tape. He is aware that his dealings in America with dubious companies are being investigated.
Some of his supporters are trying to link Jubilee to this issue. Is Jubilee too powerful to influence FBI and the Security and Exchange Commission?
This is why this Dominion story is not going to disappear any time soon. Raila’s silence is premised on the fact that Kenyans forget fast, and his friends in the Media will help bury the story- and cook up another fake scandal in Jubilee- hype that fake scandal…… And Kenyans will be diverted from his Dominion Scandal.
Unfortunately for him- International Media have picked up the story. Unfortunately for him American Authorities are on the cases. American authorities are never intimidated by threats of mass action.
Siku za Mwizi in Arobaini.

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