Kanu to back Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election

By Jacob Ngetich

The Standard
President Uhuru Kenyatta has been assured of Kanu’s support in his bid to seek re-election, and it is now expected that Jubilee Party will work out an arrangement with the former ruling party as they prepare for this year’s General Election.

This follows a meeting between Uhuru and former President Daniel Moi.

The decision dampens attempts by the National Super Alliance (NASA) to work with Kanu, which still enjoys enormous influence in the vote-rich Rift Valley region.

Kanu had at some point been seen to gravitate towards NASA after Secretary General Nick Salat attended a meeting at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi and announced that the former ruling party would support NASA.

It has now emerged that Uhuru met the former President, Kanu chairman Gideon Moi and West Pokot Senator John Lonyangapuo at Moi’s Kabarnet Gardens residence in Nairobi.

It is expected that Kanu will now work with Jubilee to ensure President Kenyatta gets support in the Rift Valley.

Continued support

Friday, Prof Lonyangapuo told The Standard on Saturday that Uhuru had visited Mzee Moi to urge for his continued support.

“The President had a cordial conversation on a variety of issues with Mzee who asked him to ensure that the upcoming elections do not divide the nation,” said Lonyangapuo.

Lonyangapuo said it was during this meeting that Uhuru requested Kanu to join hands with Jubilee in the August General Election as they had done in 2013, a matter the retired President asked the party leadership to consider.

Mzee Moi is said to have told Uhuru to respect Kanu, especially because his father had been a stakeholder in the party which shepherded the country when it attained independence in 1963.

Kanu will now be expected to field candidates in the Rift Valley and its contestants will vie for all seats except the presidency.
This matter is bound to come up when Kanu holds its National Executive Council (NEC) meeting on Tuesday next week.
Uhuru’s visit comes a few weeks after his mother Mama Ngina paid Mzee Moi a visit at his Kabarak home.

Friday, former Kalenjin Council of Elders chairman Major (Rtd) John Seii said the visits by the Kenyattas were largely for consultations between Uhuru and his political mentor and may have little to do with politics.

The Jubilee Party and NASA have been battling to get into a parnership Kanu which enjoys huge resources and networks across the country.

With JP and Kanu now pursuing the same objective, the two political parties will have to navigate their relationship, especially because JP’s number two William Ruto, the Deputy President, has had a frosty relationship with Kanu leaders.

With Kanu announcing that it will field candidates in areas where JP will also be represented, political tensions could get a little heated.

For instance in West Pokot and Baringo, Kanu has fronted Prof Lonyangapuo to battle it out with Governor Simon Kachapin (JP) for the governor’s seat, while former minister Samuel Poghisio, a former United Republican Party (URP) chairman but now a member of Kanu, is eyeing the Senate seat in the same county.

Tough battle

But of particular interest will be the battle for the Elgeyo Marakwet Senate seat that is likely to pit incumbent Kipchumba Murkomen against former Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo of Kanu.

Assuming these candidates get their party’s nomination, then they will have to carefully navigate how they will relate with their partners.

Last year, Kanu gave Jubilee a run for its money in the Kericho Senate by-election after President Kenyatta appointed then Senator Charles Keter Energy Cabinet Secretary.

Leaders from the region are optimistic about the partnership. Former Roads Minister Franklin Bett, is seeking to secure the JP ticket to vie for the Kericho Senate, said working with Kanu would unify voters in the Rift Valley.

“This will ensure a strong support base for Uhuru and Ruto in 2017 polls. I request Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto to also consider a similar arrangement,” said Bett.
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Digging Deeper is one thing Kenyans do not like. That is why a well known extortionist is seen by many as a liberator.
On the Doctor’s Strike- the lies and half truths are being accepted as truth.
1- Doctors were jailed because the Council of Governors went to court. Chairman of CoG Heath Committee is Kisumu’s Jack Ranguma. Cord has majority of Governors- so it is safe to say that Raila led Governors are the ones that jailed the Doctors.
2- Doctors were jailed because courts are independent and contempt of court is considered a threat to law and order.
How the leader of the Coalition that has majority of Governors, whose health chairman comes from his backyard twisting issues to blame Jubilee is a world wonder.


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 07.41.06.pngHealth Committee Chairman in the Council of Governors Jack Ranguma is the one that went to Court on 1st of December and asked the Courts to jail the Doctors.
Not Uhuru, Not Ruto, Not Mailu.
The only person who can order Jack Ranguma to go to court, and withdraw the case is Raila. Jack Ranguma cannot listen to Uhuru, Ruto or Mailu. He only obeys baba.
So, to stop this madness- let us stop our partisan politics and ask Raila to order his Governor to withdraw the court case.


GOVERNMENT’S OFFER: The Government offered to raise the entry level grade into the public service for doctors to Job Group “M” from Job Group “L”, a grade higher than the normal entry level for other public servants in recognition of doctors’ professional training.

WHAT IT MEANS: The sum total of the Government’s offer meant that the minimum gross salary for doctors will increase to Ksh. 196,989 from the current Ksh.140,244 at full implementation at the current entry Job Group L.

• To raise the Enhanced Emergency Call allowance to Ksh.66,000 from the current Ksh.30,000 for Job Group L; Ksh.72,000 from Ksh.30,000 for Job Groups M-P; and Ksh.80,000 from Ksh.30,000 for Job Groups Q and above.
• A new Doctors’ Risk allowance at a flat rate of Ksh.10,000 per month.

TOTAL COST ON TAX PAYERS: The total impact of the Government offer on the exchequer would be an additional expenditure of Ksh.4 billion annually – shared among the nation’s 5,000 doctors.


The Opposition leader Raila Odinga said on Monday that the Jubilee government should not have allowed Labour court judge Hellen Wasilwa to jail the health workers. Article 160 of the Constitution provides “In the exercise of judicial authority the Judiciary…shall not be subject to the control or direction of any person or authority.” So, what did Raila expect the Government to do? Usurp the independence of the Judiciary against the Constitution?

As usual, Raila said Jubilee Government was to blame. But who is being dishonest here? HERE IS THE TRUTH:-

 KMPDU took the CBA to court for registration last year, Justice Monica Mbaru ruled that the union had to negotiate a new one with the Health ministry, Salaries and Remuneration Commission and the counties. Now, since the Court failed to recognize the doctor’s CBA, isn’t it proof that the CBA IS NULL AND VOID?

 KMPDU and its members are demanding a WHOPPING 300 PERCENT SALARY INCREASE. Who in his right mind including Raila would ever give his employees a 300% raise at once?

 KMPDU is demanding Kshs. 340,000 for lowest paid and KSHS. 950,000 FOR HIGHEST PAID PER MONTH. Isn’t this above what equivalent civil servants and professionals like state counsel, tax officers, and architects earn?

 KMPDU called the strike before the 90 days a court had given medics and the State to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement had not yet elapsed. Can you demand to enforce one clause of labour law by flouting another?

 Kenyan doctors are better paid than their colleagues in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and the rest of Eastern Africa. Is the Government bound to implemented greedy demands?

 President Kenyatta offered to enhance the entry point of doctors from Job Group L to M, and salaries raised to Sh196,000, from the current Sh140,244 but they refused. Who turns down more than Kshs. 56,000 salary increase?

 Kiambu Governor William Kabogo recently “alleged that doctors’ union was being used by the opposition to dent the image of the Jubilee administration ahead of the August 8th General Election.” Is Opposition the sponsors of the Doctors strike which has claimed 20 lives?1505481.jpg