Rude shock for ‘Moha jicho pevu’




Moha Jicho Pevu is slowly and surely waking up to the reality that his hero Raila has no time for ” patriotic” Kenyans. Baba has only time for super rich fellows ( who are mostly drug lords).

His bid for the Nyali Parliamentary seat has hit rough waters after another super rich fellow- who is Cousin to Joho declared his intention for the same seat. Moha was shamed during the Mathare Rally when his speech was rudely interrupted. During the Tononoka Rally, Jicho Pevu was thumped right in front of baba by Joho’s cousin. Baba cannot dare raise a feeble voice or finger against his crude, violent and super rich supporters from Joho’s side.
By the time Jicho Pevu is completely vanquished by the Johos- he will crawl back and say Afadhali Uhuru. Mark this post, and produce it the day MOHA turns against baba.





We have just followed with amusement a televised Statement by Joho where he attempts to explain away integrity questions regarding his secondary school academic credentials. In this attempt, Joho goes to great lengths to hide behind anything and everything as well as blame anybody and everybody apart from himself for his woes. It is also clear that Joho is determined to use issues such as the Naivasha dry port, SGR and as well as the lives and general welfare of the coastal people as insurance cover against possible criminal prosecution should the investigative institutions and agencies establish criminal culpability on his part.

Joho’s move to call such a Press Conference is not surprising; it is what defines Joho and his current legacy in Mombasa; it is what he lives for; The running of Mombasa County Government has been characterized by showbiz theatrics and press conferences on the Governor’s personal issues but not a development record worth writing home about for the economy and the great people of Mombasa.

We advise Joho that he uses, for once during his entire tenure as Governor, the county government platform and resources to tell the great people of Mombasa what he has achieved for them on the development front. It may be hard bearing the scantiness of such a record but it can be done.

We all have personal issues and the great service that Joho can do to the people of Mombasa in his last in months in office is to differentiate them from mandate for which he was elected as Governor.

28th March, 2017
Mombasa County

The Jubilee’s Meat That Is NASA’s Poison

One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” This has nothing to do with the infamous Uhuru’s meat eating and salivating outburst during William Ole Ntimama’s burial. The adage first recorded in 1576 by Latin writer Lucretius and later referred to English by play writ Thomas Middletown in 1604, perfectly fits our political formations as we near the general elections. It underline the difference in preferences among people. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Is another phrase with a similar meaning.


The unity we saw at Maside Muliro grounds – not garden,is a sugar coat covering the intrigues in the Opposition. NASA’s baby is now an elephant in the womb – room nay. Nine months are long gone and she’s still pregnant. She complains of labor pains midwives rush to see her deliver safe but no birth takes place. I daubt her pregnancy , I think its pot belly – a gym will end her discomfort in the stead of a maternity.


While Uhuruto feel comfortable while together, the four opposition principals are together in their meetings not to supplement each other but as check mates – absence may surprise you by hearing ‘ Rao , Kalonzo ,Mudavadi or Weta Tosha’ – through the media. The Jubilee duo assist each other by Uhuru saying what Ruto didn’t say and the later can whisper what he forgot when the President is making his speech. The co-principals also have to closely monitor each other’s movement for fear of being ‘bought’ by Jubilee. Uhuruto’s unity goes beyond marshaling their followers to body language, joining their names , they are age mates and their similsrities in dressing .


On the other limb NASA brigade combination is a hemlock. Their agreement signing at Bomas exhibited a confused lot that disappointed their followers. It was a false start, no cheers that characterise such events .The way they adjusted the folders that held the agreement while peeping what the next is holding showed a lot of suspicion amongst them. Raila seem to doubt if what Wetangula is holding is similar to his. This is a tip of the ice berg, the differences are major. A palty combo of their names can’t be catchy slogan.


Political competition is usually stiff at the primary stage than the final stage, Jubilee is currently a lesser threat to the principals individually than amongst them. The pressure from their cohorts and financiers can’t make them agree on a flag bearer. Failure to take cognizance of the 2013 agreement between Kalonzo and Raila magnify the already strong mistrust. A step down by anyone will lead to harrmolage in his backyard.


By mid next month, NASA will be Mudavadi’s ticket, ODM and Wiper Raila and Kalonzo respectively. Wetangula will run for the Bungoma Senatorial seat. You can take that to the bank. Worse still, Kalonzo could join Jubilee. Its not a secret that Raila refers to NASA and Cord as hotels and ODM the home. However much you spend in a hotel, your home is still the best. Watch this space.

The truth about Naivasha port



The Naivasha dry Port, just like the quagmire of land is being used like a carrot dangled before uninformed Coast voters to politically and emotionally charge them against Jubilee and the govt. The fact is, Port activities are not being transferred to Naivasha, Naivasha doesn’t border the Indian Ocean. Just like Embakasi dry port, the Naivasha facility is crucial in providing much needed storage of cargo especially those destined for Uganda, S. Sudan, Northern Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC. This will relieve the Port of congestion, create more space for handling more cargo, improve efficiency which would attract more trade including transhipment business at Mombasa Port. The SGR once complete will handle not more than 20% of the cargo coming through Mombasa Port, part of this will be taken to Naivasha for storage. The rest of verbal diarrhea in rallies is political hogwash!!!

If Jaramogi woke-up, he would die again



If Jaramogi Oginga Odinga were to wake up now, and find that the Community he led from 1954 to 1994 is vigorously defending an academic con and academic dwarf with D- as his highest achievement- Jaramogi would wail back to his grave.
Jaramogi valued Academic and Intellectual excellence above everything . He struggled hard and ensured that all his children got the best education. Unfortunately one of his sons became an academic flop.. . but he still managed to take him to a high-tech welding college
Jaramogi was always surrounded by top brains, global names of repute and accomplished academics..
Even in his old age- Jaramogi refused to endorse Raila to take over from him. He preferred James Orengo and Kijana Wamalwa. You could not get any D- material anywhere near Jaramogi.
It is beyond shocking to see how the Community Jaramogi led for 40 years has been transformed from defenders of academic integrity to defenders of D- academic cons. The Community was revered for its high standards in academic excellence due to Jaramogis ways is now reduced to one of hecklers and petty defenders of academic minions.

Dump Baba for survival!

This is an urgent letter to the Director of Political Investigations (DPI). I would like to report a hostage situation; three middle-aged men held against their will in a political outfit called NASA.

I cannot say their names in this letter, in case of interception by their captor, so I will attempt to describe them. The first one is a self-confessed born-again Christian with a small afro. He claims he used to be vice president of Kenya. He has many nicknames, but the one that appears to have stuck is the name of a fruit, green on the outside and red inside.

The second one is a portly, gentle giant who created the vehicle in which the three hostages are now trapped. He is in this position because the hostage-taker wants the vehicle for himself. He also claims to have been vice president at some point.

The third is held captive because he had the audacity to say the hostage-taker is ‘firing blanks’. His general role in this relationship is unclear, perhaps it is just to keep the other two company in their perilous political journey. The suspected captor who has detained these three poor political souls is a man they call Baba.

Their cries for help are disguised as vague complaints about not being polled first in popularity surveys instead of Baba. They also send their friends to grumble about broken MoUs on their behalf.

I have information which suggests that the hostage-taker has been on the move; ostensibly dodging the DPI.

He’s been running from house to house. From Karen to Kibera, to South Africa and America, and back to Kibera. Baba’s accomplice and mouthpiece, a senior counsel, distinguished advocate and perennial activist has openly declared that the hostages may be in captivity until June 2017. They will then be set free. The problem is this: it will be too late by then. They will be forced to say ‘Baba Tosha!’, or have nowhere else to go.

But there is hope. There could be a liberation plan for the three hostages. This is why I am writing to you, the Director Political Investigations. I request that you look into this case of political captivity for two reasons.

The death of the opposition is to be blamed on the heavy yoke of a single man’s ambition. These shackles need to be lifted before electoral timelines catch up with them. The second is that the hostages need their rights to be read to them. They need to know they do not need to seek consensus through grovelling, they should seek it through dominance.

They should borrow a lesson from former President Kibaki who in 2002 held a tea party and formed alliances with Kijana Wamalwa and Charity Ngilu; a coalition which other heavy weights were compelled into backing.

It is perfect timing to dump Baba – albeit temporarily — with the intention of gaining currency and then compelling him to support them. NASA will receive a new lease of life, hope in opposition unity will be re-stored.

Then at the 11th hour, in June, one of the three hostages will be named the presidential flag bearer.

At this point, Baba will be faced with two choices — run solo and risk coming third or back his hostages having been guaranteed creation of the post of Prime Minister. And his insurance for this promise is the numerical strength of his party in Parliament.

Controlling a significant majority of the seats in Parliament, he would bulldoze his hostages into making good their promise, failure to which he would threaten to impeach them.

In sum, the NASA hostages should come together even in their captivity, and scheme against their captor. They must know they can only break free if they band together. Otherwise, they will find themselves crying “Baba!” for the rest of their lacklustre political days.