#Archives 2014

Nation of Hypocrites: Unless you are 100% blind or 100% mad- you will agree with me that the Men In Black that “disrupted” the ODM elections had the blessings of Raila. If they were under the command of any other person- bloodshed and total chaos would have followed.
I remember in 2005, when Raphael Tuju introduced a sh 30 million mobile clinic in Bondo District. Raila used similar tactics. He hired thugs that threatened anyone that came near the clinic- and he started rumours that the clinic was meant to suck blood from the people.
This is one person that can do ANYTHING to remain relevant, even if it is signing a pact with the devil, or a gang of hooligans.
In any civilized society- such an action by anyone that claims to be a “defender” of human rights and democracy would have led to resignations and shame for Raila: But being Kenya- you will find all PHD brains from his backyard defending Tinga- and looking for all kinds of excuses to explain the thuggish behaviour.