Convenient Editing- NTV has taken its hate campaign against President Kenyatta to another level. This time, they decided to conveniently edit the Turkana clip to make it look like President Uhuru and Governor Nanok had a tiff- like that with a certain peddler at the Coast.
The overall objective of NTV in this malicious campaign, is to paint President Uhuru as a man out of control.
But I was shocked beyond words when I saw the WHOLE video of the event. President Uhuru and Governor Nanok were best of friends, even hugging and patting each other on the back as they departed.
NTV took two unrelated clips, placed them side by side- and LIED to the whole world that Uhuru and Nanok were at war.
Truth is that Uhuru was referring to an opposition leader who was in Turkana two weeks ago, and spent all of his time LYING to people of Turkana that Uhuru had cut secret deals on the Turkana Oil.
How low can the media get? How low can they get?
Nanok had to fly to Nairobi to deny that there was any conflict.
These kind of irresponsible journalism can easily spark violence. The kind of journalism that hype’s someone’s stomach upset and link it to poisoning….. knowing very well that the person they are talking about has some of the most violent, irrational, malicious and unstable supporters- who can destroy property at the mere suspicion of foul play.
Someone has to take responsibility for the irresponsible editing at NTV.

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