Dr. Ezekiel Mutua

The devil and his agents will never win against God. Beer is not for children and should, therefore, not be advertised during the watershed period.

In January this year, KFCB took a bold step and sued Kenya Breweries and other brewers for advertising beer during the watershed period. We obtained temporary injunctions against the brewers, but they created diversionary tactics by filing a constitutional case to establish if KFCB has the mandate to regulate adverts.

Meanwhile , our exparte orders expired and the beer adverts are now flooding the airwaves. I am constrained not to comment further on the matter since it’s before court but I have to make one thing clear: KFCB will use everything within its power to stop beer and other adult products from being advertised to children.

God is on our side and no matter how powerful the forces against us, we shall overcome.

The media houses using dirty tactics to fight us will fail miserably. Media houses in Kenya thrive in impunity to corrupt moral values of our children but God is watching.

Business models whose agenda is to destroy families and ruin the moral values of this country will fail and God will shame the agents of Satan who make money by destroying our children.

Anyone who puts money ahead of morality is an enemy of God. At the heart of the problems facing Kenya today is the breakdown of our moral fibre. Doctors are not on strike for lack of money. They are on strike because we lack moral values. We do everything for money and there is lack of patriotism, selflessness and sacrificial service in society today.

To argue that beer companies pay taxes is to miss the point. In any case, we are only against beer adverts targeting children.