Reasons I will vote for Uhuru in 2017
1. Creating a million jobs for the youth every year.
2. Buying laptops to our dear children.
3. Developing agricultural sector to increase food security.
4. He has fought cartels and frustrated all chances of corruption.
5. He’s offered a fatherly attention to our doctors and all other civil servants.
6. They have reduced the gap between the rich and the poor by elevating country’s economy.
7. Has united the country, we now speak in one language.
8. He’s brought all land injustices to book.
He has initiated projects equally across the country.
9. He’s been on the forefront in nurturing devolution.
10. He has given chance to many youth to sharpen and monetize their talents.
11. He chooses the words to use in his speech, he can’t use words like shetani or mjinga like some people we know.
12. He’s sober and tranquil.
13. He has improved international relations with the country.
14. Construction of 5 modern stadia to improve Sporting activities.
Period. Enyewe Uhuru has worked
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