State Of Medical Care In Kenya


When you see top Ministry of Health Officials struggling to look for Doctors elsewhere…. Do not blame them. When you see them rushing to Cuba and India… Do not blame them.
These Honorable Men and Women must have been shocked beyond repair when they came face to face with the so called Doctors of this Generation during the 100 Day Strike.
To many Kenyans, the rot in Education has not hit home. The rot of 100 As in a School of 200 Candidates, the rot of Universities being accredited on top of Bars and Lodgings, the Rot of Lecturers with Bachelors Degrees supervising Masters Degree Students etc. However, the most painful part of the ROT was when the money hungry officials rushed to Approve 10 Universities to Provide MEDICAL and SURGERY Degrees. Countries like the United States and Germany can allow Universities to mess around with Course like Marketing, Social Work, Anthropology etc, but when it comes to Medicine….. There are no jokes there.
In fact if you see anyone practicing medicine in the US or Germany- Please Respect those guys- it costs years, and years to be allowed to practice Medicine in those Countries.
During the Strike- some strange things happened. First- the Doctors were all around bragging that they are “Clever” so they should be paid well. Anyone who has met the real A Students, and the real Doctors (Before Commercialization ) will agree with me that they never brag. Second, the Doctors were all over insulting Nurses and Clinical Officers- this is something that could never happen when we had real top students doing Medicine…. it could never happen, never.
Since Tanzania, Cuba and India have not messed their systems like in Kenya- there is nothing wrong in having some of them come here, as we clean up the system.

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