Gusii community has never been recognized by RAILA as an independent community

.We are recognized by RAILA as Nyanza and when RAILA was in coalition government he only gave jobs to Luos.we forget so easily.

In 2002- Raila never supported our own.he supported a kikuyu(kibaki)
In 2007- we supported Raila and Luos destroyed our property and fought us( asante ya punda mateke).Raila became PM, and 98% of ministries were under him. He offered us nothing.
In 2013- we supported Raila. Mt .Kenya mafia got angered. Farmers got pea nuts as tea bonus.
In 2017- we need to be wise .

Hon Sakaja Johnson is Simply the Best Candidate for Nairobi Senator: Here is Why!

The voter


We will not beat about the bush: Hon Sakaja Johnson is the Best Candidate for Nairobi Senator. Long before he dropped his bid for Nairobi Governor and presented his nomination papers for the Senator seat, many Nairobi residents were whispering in their private conversations online and offline why Sakaja is the best replacement for Senator Mike Sonko. Now that he has tossed himself in the ring where many wanted him, it will be impossible for majority of Nairobi residents to resist voting Sakaja the next Nairobi Senator as he is simply the best there is.

Sakaja is Among Kenya’s Greatest Debaters of All Times

For starters, if anyone sends you to fetch a politician who appears to have been born and made to measure for political debate, like Former Labour Leader Ed Milliband of UK, you need not hesitate but pick Sakaja. If politics was a athletics, Sakaja would be the Usain Bolt of it. Sakaja does his homework, gets his facts right and delivers them with inimitable savvy. In a Parliament where others did almost next to nothing, Sakaja made 876 appearances in barely four years, an average of 220 appearances per year meaning Sakaja hardly missed a sitting and spoke every time he was on the floor of the house. Considering that the current Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko in his 8 years in Parliament since 2010 has made barely half the parliamentary appearances Sakaja managed in 4 years, it should tell you the kind of work horse Nairobi is likely to get in Senator Sakaja.

Hon Sakaja is to politics what Collins Injera is to rugby:simply the top scorer around. He is a relentless and ruthless debater on the floor of the house and certainly the right man to oversight the convoluted Nairobi County Government

Sakaja is the most Approachable and Proactive politician in Kenya

And if you thought for all his hard work and obvious success Sakaja may pass for a snob and a hard to reach guy, you got it all wrong. Imagine a politician who is more approachable and down to earth than Mike Sonko and is twice as good in his capacity to get the job done for Nairobi. That is Sakaja for you. Sakaja returns all calls, even from strangers. He also personally replies texts on all platforms, even on the most mundane of inquiries.  Does that surprise you? Save it. Sakaja is simply the new and rare breed of politicians taking public participation to the next level: he listens, engages and acts on feedback from constituents all the time. And this is what Nairobi residents need in their next Senator, a leader who has the personality to engage them on what is pressing them and the passion to set it right. Sakaja is not just a man who is available to hear what people want done, he is also the kind of leader who acts to align everything with his vision of better Kenya, and now better Nairobi.

Hon Sakaja when, as Chairman of the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association, he honoured the request of artistes at the Kenya National Theatre to address their grievances. He remains one of the most approachable politicians in Kenya today.

Sakaja understands the systems and how to fix them for Better Nairobi

But it is just not enough for Sakaja being a nice guy to deliver for Nairobi as Senator. For avoidance of doubt, these three here are the must-have for any would-be Best Nairobi Senator: understanding of the systems, grasp of what is wrong with the systems and commitment to right the systems. Nairobi is not the place for political upstarts without any idea of what moves the political cogs in the city like many of the opponents Sakaja is up against. And certainly, Nairobi is not the place for clueless political wannabes to vie for Senator. Sakaja’s competitors number among those who don’t know what is wrong with the city or why it is wrong, little wonder they are so busy treating us to pointless sideshows. Sakaja, reputedly the brains behind President Kenyatta’s 2013 economic blueprint for Kenya including Nairobi, knows where the rain started beating us in Nairobi and how to fix the roof in the shortest time. But even more important, he has the commitment to right the wrongs for Nairobi residents to enjoy the benefits of living in one of Africa’s greatest city.

 As the Founding Chairman of TNA, the party that steered President Kenyatta to victory in 2013, Sakaja is the most experienced politicians yet also the youngest in the race for Nairobi Senator.

Sakaja is Both the Most Experienced and a Youth

Besides understanding what works, Sakaja is also two things that are very rare to have together and every politician, especially Nairobi politicians, wish they had now: he is a youth and an experienced politician. The last time we had that combination walking the streets of Nairobi was in Tom Mboya and Nairobi was never ever the same after his 6 years as MP of Kamukunji. At 32, Sakaja not only understands what the Nairobi youth need because he is one of them, he is also the only one who uniquely placed to make it happen having, as he does. the experience in political trenches to make a reality as Nairobi Senator. As former Chairman of TNA, Sakaja is beyond learning the ropes of how to get Nairobi moving, he has indeed already weaved the ropes and is ready to use it to build the ladder for Nairobi rising, all he is asking of us is a platform to do it as the next Nairobi Senator.

Sakaja is the Best Thing That Could Happen to Nairobi Youth

And Sakaja’s candidature can’t have come at a better time. Nairobi Youth are a disillusioned lot because the current political class, made up mainly of their parents’ agemates, does not mind lying to them, using them or dishonouring their pledges. However, while most politicians were busy giving youths a reason to lose faith in them, Sakaja was busy making democracy deliver for the youth of Kenya, his adopted Constituency as Nominated MP. Most of the legislative and affirmative action innovations we now boast trace back to Sakaja. He is the Force behind AGPO, the procurement regulations that saw youths get a piece of the Government business while having to deal with less red tape. And then there is the National Youth Employment Authority Act, the ingenious piece of legislation Sakaja sponsored to make which simply compels the  Government and her agencies to prioritize youth in employment. The question on the lips of many is: if Sakaja did all this as a nominated member, how much more will he do for his constituents as elected member of the house.

Sakaja Has Governor Ambitions for Nairobi

In politics, there is nothing like having the man who is interested in a job looking out for electorate on how the incumbent is doing it. Hon Sakaja has chosen to go for Senator, not because he doesn’t have a solid vision for Nairobi or the following but to spend the next 5 years convincing Nairobians why he belongs at the Governor’s mansion. We can only anticipate that Sakaja as Senator will do the most obvious: over-deliver at the job. It is what he needs to earn the elevation to Governor that he so desires in 2022. No one minds an overworking Senator as that is the best guarantee the next Governor will deliver for Nairobi or risk being held accountable. And either way, Nairobi wins. So, if you are looking for another reason why Sakaja should be your choice candidate for Senator, let it be that he is the best bet to keep the next Governor, whether Jubilee or NASA affiliated, on his toes and see to it that Nairobi gets the most from devolution. Now, isn’t that what the Constitution says we can best to expect from a Senator?

Sakaja Already Has a Governor’s Vision for Nairobi

Even better than having ambitions for Nairobi Governor is having a vision for the city that you believe you can best execute as Governor but had to shelve in the interest of greater good. Sakaja is no ordinary Senator candidate. He is formerly a promising gubernatorial candidate who had put in the hours to draw up a blueprint of where he wanted to take Nairobi as Governor. If Nairobi Residents want to see some of Sakaja’s great ideas come to fruit in the next five years, they had better elect him Senator. No question, being the he versatile politician we have come to know and the next Governor of Nairobi will find Sakaja too resourceful as Senator to ignore his insightful and visionary ideas. Better still, Sakaja has a knack for innovative legislating and you can rest assured that he will stop at nothing to  finds how to maximize his time in Senate by passing laws to make his vision for Nairobi and devolved Kenya become actionable reality.

Sakaja has Ambitions that go beyond Nairobi

Another reason why Sakaja is the best bet for Nairobi Sector in 2017 has to do with his unstated but overreaching political ambition for Kenya. You don’t start your journey too early in life like Sakaja unless you have it in mind to take you as far as the road goes. So, the best historical equivalent for Sakaja’s question for Nairobi Senator is Barack Obama’s bid for Illinois Senator back in 2004. Certainly, Obama’s candidature especially in the early stages wasn’t in the least the probable thing or even what was in sync with the status quo at the time. But like Sakaja’s bid for Nairobi Senator it was the outcome of audacious hope, and solid hope is always a hard kill, the best is to let it thrive and see where it leads. No doubt, electing Sakaja the next Nairobi Senator is fanning the flames of hope for better Kenya, tomorrow.
Hon Sakaja Johnson is simply the top seed for Nairobi Senator 2017.

Sakaja is a Revolutionary Seed We Need to Give a Chance

Finally, politicians are like seeds. When you find good ones, don’t store them away as you test the bad ones. Wisdom dictates you take a gamble with the good seeds. Give them a chance and hope they live up to your expectations and birth the next bumper harvest, or the next revolution. Sakaja is not just another good politician, he is the best hope for a generation. Sakaja is the reason Kenyans under 40 years now believe better leadership can come from their ranks. So, what destiny expects of us Nairobi resident is give this mustard seed of good leadership that is Sakaja a chance in the hope it can grow some day it to be even a bigger landmark for good governance. And maybe produce in it’s wake more seeds of better leadership, for better Kenya. As it were, when the best show up, the not good enough must give way. And Johnson Arthur Sakaja not only makes the other Nairobi Senator aspirants suddenly seem not good enough, he is the best candidate for the job!