If Jaramogi woke-up, he would die again



If Jaramogi Oginga Odinga were to wake up now, and find that the Community he led from 1954 to 1994 is vigorously defending an academic con and academic dwarf with D- as his highest achievement- Jaramogi would wail back to his grave.
Jaramogi valued Academic and Intellectual excellence above everything . He struggled hard and ensured that all his children got the best education. Unfortunately one of his sons became an academic flop.. . but he still managed to take him to a high-tech welding college
Jaramogi was always surrounded by top brains, global names of repute and accomplished academics..
Even in his old age- Jaramogi refused to endorse Raila to take over from him. He preferred James Orengo and Kijana Wamalwa. You could not get any D- material anywhere near Jaramogi.
It is beyond shocking to see how the Community Jaramogi led for 40 years has been transformed from defenders of academic integrity to defenders of D- academic cons. The Community was revered for its high standards in academic excellence due to Jaramogis ways is now reduced to one of hecklers and petty defenders of academic minions.

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