The truth about Naivasha port



The Naivasha dry Port, just like the quagmire of land is being used like a carrot dangled before uninformed Coast voters to politically and emotionally charge them against Jubilee and the govt. The fact is, Port activities are not being transferred to Naivasha, Naivasha doesn’t border the Indian Ocean. Just like Embakasi dry port, the Naivasha facility is crucial in providing much needed storage of cargo especially those destined for Uganda, S. Sudan, Northern Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC. This will relieve the Port of congestion, create more space for handling more cargo, improve efficiency which would attract more trade including transhipment business at Mombasa Port. The SGR once complete will handle not more than 20% of the cargo coming through Mombasa Port, part of this will be taken to Naivasha for storage. The rest of verbal diarrhea in rallies is political hogwash!!!

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