We have just followed with amusement a televised Statement by Joho where he attempts to explain away integrity questions regarding his secondary school academic credentials. In this attempt, Joho goes to great lengths to hide behind anything and everything as well as blame anybody and everybody apart from himself for his woes. It is also clear that Joho is determined to use issues such as the Naivasha dry port, SGR and as well as the lives and general welfare of the coastal people as insurance cover against possible criminal prosecution should the investigative institutions and agencies establish criminal culpability on his part.

Joho’s move to call such a Press Conference is not surprising; it is what defines Joho and his current legacy in Mombasa; it is what he lives for; The running of Mombasa County Government has been characterized by showbiz theatrics and press conferences on the Governor’s personal issues but not a development record worth writing home about for the economy and the great people of Mombasa.

We advise Joho that he uses, for once during his entire tenure as Governor, the county government platform and resources to tell the great people of Mombasa what he has achieved for them on the development front. It may be hard bearing the scantiness of such a record but it can be done.

We all have personal issues and the great service that Joho can do to the people of Mombasa in his last in months in office is to differentiate them from mandate for which he was elected as Governor.

28th March, 2017
Mombasa County

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