Rude shock for ‘Moha jicho pevu’




Moha Jicho Pevu is slowly and surely waking up to the reality that his hero Raila has no time for ” patriotic” Kenyans. Baba has only time for super rich fellows ( who are mostly drug lords).

His bid for the Nyali Parliamentary seat has hit rough waters after another super rich fellow- who is Cousin to Joho declared his intention for the same seat. Moha was shamed during the Mathare Rally when his speech was rudely interrupted. During the Tononoka Rally, Jicho Pevu was thumped right in front of baba by Joho’s cousin. Baba cannot dare raise a feeble voice or finger against his crude, violent and super rich supporters from Joho’s side.
By the time Jicho Pevu is completely vanquished by the Johos- he will crawl back and say Afadhali Uhuru. Mark this post, and produce it the day MOHA turns against baba.