Sonko beats Peter Kenneth to secure slot in Nairobi governor race

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Senator Mike Sonko has beaten rival Peter Kenneth for the Jubilee ticket, securing his slot in the ballot for the Nairobi governor race.

Sonko garnered 138,185 votes, while Kenneth came a distant second with 62,504 votes. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru earned 7,654 votes.

The Senator will face off with incumbent Governor Evans Kidero in the August 8 polls.

Earlier on, Kenneth called for a repeat of the nominations, saying the process was not free and fair.

“I disassociate myself from the sham election that Jubilee Party purported to have and demand the same elections be nullified,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

The former Gatanga MP complained that some people were allowed to vote despite their names missing in the registers while others were denied the chance.

As of Wednesday night, his competitor Mike Sonko was in the lead.

The party said they had received reports that there were people who infiltrated Nairobi primaries.

Elections board chairman Andrew Musangi said this was the reason most people could not find their names in the registers.



If you think life is hard- take a moment to ponder about Kalenjin Politicians who took the risk to back Isaac Ruto and Chama Cha Mashinani. Some time back, they were really doing well, riding on the waves of popular rebellion. But now, CCM is a total disaster. Party Leader must have eaten something very very big from the huge Cash from that American fund behind the NASA thing in order to be “5th Principal” After eating, all who followed him are now on their own.
First, by supporting Raila- the man that terrorised the Kipsigis as PM- Ruto missed the mark.
Second, expecting Kalenjins to leave a sure constitutional office of DP and follow him to an imaginary position of Deputy Premier CS is laughable.
Many CCM followers are right now like an Antelope that has been hit by extra bright light. Plogom ame uza chama. Pole sana.

Why We Should All Vote Mike Sonko

Samson Ogola

You all know I had promised to ‘let Sonko be’ for the sake of his friendly supporters. Well, I’ve decided to do more; stand in solidarity with #TeamSonko. I see nothing wrong with echoing their wonderful reasons why Mike Mbuvi MUST be the Nairobi governor. Before that, let here what Sonko haters (as his opponents are called) say about him.


The Sonko they know

To ‘haters’, Sonko is a heap of staggering incompetence; a man with everything but oversight and managerial skills. That Mike Sonko’s time as Makadara MP and now as the Nairobi Senator has shown a man unequal to task…with the least idea what his job description is. That Gideon had to resort to selective generosity (helping a few poor people in full glare of TV to appease the rest). That the Senator, to stay afloat, became a pro-hawker and anti-land-grabbing activist. And, of course, embracing the lowest forms of sycophancy to Uhuru..all in a desperate attempt to hid his conspicuous incompetence.

The men and women opposed to Sonko’s gubernatorial bid say that he is rumored to be ‘pharmacists’. That Joho…Oops! I mean Sonko is functionally illiterate, full of infantile hubris and use politics to hide and obfuscate his nefarious activities…I tell you, the haters have some of the most non-endearing words for our glorious Senator and the incoming governor….

But who cares about the truth? This is Kenya and the truth is never in the facts but in the telling. Let’s introduce you the Sonko we know. The one we MUST all vote.

The Sonko We Know

Our Sonko is a super rich poor man. A man who adorns gold, can have lunch in Dubai, drives the best of cars and lives in palatial homes yet with ample time to lie on roads, box fences, adopt orphans and lead pro-poor demos just to list a few. Mike Mbuvi Sonko, simply put, has left his comfort zone to literally fight for the poor and share his wealth with them.

More than several times, Nairobi’s ONLY hope has been seen carrying scary bundles of notes to support ailing women, buy goats for ‘watu wa eastlando’, fund weddings among other high-impact development projects. Ati how did he acquire his wealth? C’mon guys that’s being petty. All we know is that he was once poor but now a rich philanthropist and that should suffice. Just know that he rose from ‘grass to grace’ Sawa?

Our Sonko, unlike uthamaki’s Peter Kenneth for instance, has always stood with the president. When decorum prevented everyone, who insulted ICC on our behalf..wore branded T-shirt and led demos at the Hague? Who went declared himself the acting president when basic decency prohibited it? Who has called our president (on speaker) to undermine a CS directive…just to defend the common man? The answer is Mike Gideon Mbuvi Sonko..Nairobi’s ONLY Hope.

Governor Sonko

Mike Mbuvi will be a ‘mtu wa watu’ kinda governor. Exactly what Nairobi is dying for. Unlike the elitists, Sonko promised to turn Uhuru Park into a Matatu Stage. Sonko, being the generous man he is, is likely to set up Handout Department at City Hall, where we (the poor) will pick our daily keeps. And unlike Kidero or PK who are obviously anti-hawkers, our man Sonko understands the plight of hawkers. So, don’t be surprised to see us deep inside City Hall, Harambee House, and other high-value targets ‘tukitafuta unga’.

I ask you to join us in ensuring Sonko wins the Jubilee Ticket and eventually the flooring Kidero. Thanks in advance.

NOTE: This is not satire.

President’s statement


April 22, 2017 In Statements and Speeches

Yesterday was unprecedented for the Jubilee Party. While the party was prepared for a normal Party Primary, we were confronted by a full scale general election in terms of the sheer massive turnout we all witnessed.

To the millions of party faithful who turned out to vote, and to the thousands of party aspirants who turned out to compete for party tickets, we unreservedly apologise for our under-preparedness for the magnitude of the nominations exercise.

The Jubilee Party is committed to free, fair, transparent and credible nominations, which as we have repeatedly stated, must reflect the will of the people.

Because of this commitment, we also took another unprecedented and difficult decision to cancel the entire nominations exercise, because doing anything to the contrary may have resulted in a subversion of the democratic will of the people.

Even in places like Laikipia, West Pokot, Tharaka Nithi, Nyandarua and Taita Taveta, where voting had largely been completed with the support and cooperation of aspirants, we also took the decision to cancel the nominations.

The Party leadership and the National Elections Board are now remapping the entire process to address all the shortcomings we experienced. A detailed revised primaries timetable will be issued by the party headquarters today, in accordance with the IEBC timelines.

I assure you personally that, as we move forward, we will learn from our mistakes, and have taken corrective measures to ensure that they are not repeated.

I urge all party members to keep the faith. We assure you that the Jubilee Party will deliver on its promise for a transparent, fair, and credible Primary.

Thank you.

Shun divisive politics, President Uhuru tells Kisumu residents

Standard Digital

President Uhuru Kenyatta landed in Kisumu to a rousing welcome. Surging crowds cheered him all the way from Kisumu Airport to the city’s central business district and escorted him to the State Lodge, where he will host the winners of this year’s Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festivals. The residents had only one request for the President – to help bring down the price of maize flour. As the President’s convoy snaked its way towards State Lodge, they chanted: “Unga”! “Bei ya unga imepanda zaidi!” (Maize flour! The price of maize flour is too high!) A smiling President Kenyatta listened to the chanting youth but did not respond even as the crowd escorted his motorcade all the way to the State Lodge. Earlier, business came to a standstill in the town as residents went to receive the President to the home town of his political nemesis, Raila Odinga. Although all the county’s legislators, including area MP Ken Obura, gave the visit a wide berth, Governor Jack Ranguma received the President at the Kisumu International Airport. Crowds lined Oginga Odinga Road to greet him.

Initially, the motorcade did not stop even as crowds tried to wave it down. However, the President later stopped at the Kenya Commercial Bank roundabout and gave a short speech.  “I thank you for the warm welcome and also for taking care of the children who came here to participate in the drama festivals,” he said. Uhuru noted that it was important for all Kenyans to embrace unity and peace as the country heads for the elections. “We have to know that we are all Kenyans and we must promote peace as you elect the person of your choice,” he said. He promised that he would visit the region again to ask for votes and emphasised the importance of promoting peace and unity. “Peace is what is important because even after elections we will all remain Kenyans,” said the President as his heavily armed security detail pushed back the crowd. He also appealed to the youth not to allow politicians to use them to promote violence during the electioneering period.

“Tell any politician inciting you to violence to ask his own children to square it out with those of his or her opponents because in the end you will be fighting each other as he flees with his family to Nairobi,” Uhuru said. His comments come at a time when most parties have begun their party primaries, with politicians intensifying their campaigns in most parts of the country.

Uhuru: This is what I have done for Raila backyard


President Uhuru Kenyatta‘s administration says it has channelled Sh55 billion to three counties in Nyanza.
State House Spokesman Manoa Esipisu outlined the Government’s record ahead of the President’s tour to host winners of the 58th edition of the national drama festivals at the Kisumu State Lodge. It is expected that he will also address the public in parts of Nyanza and Western region.

According to Esipisu, since 2013, Kisumu, Siaya and Homa Bay counties have received over Sh55 billion through the devolved units and the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

According to the official, Kisumu alone has received Sh17.89 billion, which was transferred through the devolved unit, with another Sh2.63 billion reaching the county through CDF. Homa Bay on the other hand has received Sh17.74 billion and Sh3.05 billion through CDF, while Siaya has received Sh15.30 billion in addition to Sh2.26 billion for CDF.

“This implies that a large chunk of cash has been available to help grow the counties, and hopefully the governors and MPs from here invested the money well in projects that lift the lives of the residents,” said Esipisu. In relation to the Digital Literacy Programme (DLP), he said Kisumu had received 21,792 tablets in 402 primary schools, while 474 primary schools in Homa Bay had received 20,414 tablets, and another 393 primary schools in Siaya got 21,666 tablets. In Kisumu, he said 77,452 mothers had benefited from the Free Maternity Services Programme, while Homa Bay and Siaya had seen 85,806 and 77,513 benefit respectively since June 2013.

“In regards to social inclusion in Kisumu, there have been a total of 36,256 beneficiaries of the Women Enterprise Fund, at a cost of Sh216,350,000, while in regards to Youth Enterprise Development Fund, a total of 11,391 people have benefited at a cost of Sh119,369,284,” Esipisu said. Through Uwezo Fund, he said, 33,347 people had benefited from Sh128,105,228 in Kisumu, while 25,559 people had benefited from Sh145,207,281 in Homa Bay.

“Monies given in reference to social inclusion improve the livelihoods and welfare of these families, guarantees they lead a diplomatic life and promote the growth of SMEs,” he said.