Joho to be sacrificed by Raila

Joho is a consummat2e politician.
If you study Raila’s election patterns, he always has a ‘Joho’.
In 2007 his ‘Joho’ was William Ruto, this is a person he creates, fattens and sacrifices. A fire-eating politician with eloquent and aggressive polemics. After the 2007 elections, Ruto was dropped for another youthful ‘Joho’, Ababu Namwamba… who when sworn into parliament swore allegiance to Raila and not Kibaki. That’s how charged he was.
he came up with ODM Reloaded and before he executed his dreams he was cast aside by Men in Black and the real Joho was introduced.

After Joho is sacrificed, the next experiment will be a fiery and electrifying dialogue Babu Owino. He has even started to use Babu’s political gibberish “Tibiim!”.

My advice to Joho is that the battle between the ‘Prince’ (Uhuru) and the ‘Prince’ (Raila) has it’s owners. To fight Uhuru on behalf of Raila is punching “above your paygrade”. For both of them fixing Joho is a walk in the park. If Uhuru will not fix him, Raila will sacrifice him. Where does that leave Governor 001?
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