SGR: The pain Raila feels



SGR Pain. From all angles, the SGR story must be very very very very very painful to Raila. It is like cooking a juicy sweet meal, then when you go out to wash your hands- someone else eats your meal as you watch from out ukimeza mate.
The Sunday Standard story on SGR clearly explains that Wheeler Dealers associated to Raila were behind the project. Anyone who knows Raila will agree with me that his sole intention was to make money.
But as things turned out- Uhuru Kenyatta won, and took over. He kicked out all the avenues and brokers that Raila had set in order to fleece billions of public funds. Uhuru made it a Government to Government project- thus killing hopes of corrupt people like Raila of making a kill.
That explains why Raila fought the project with all his might. Since SGR was not going to benefit him directly- he wanted it dead. Calvin Burgess, the Dominion CEO also made similar allegations about Raila. He says that in 2003, he secured a sh 10 billion housing project, and then Minister of Housing Raila signed a deal in Washington. But when he came to Kenya and tried to rope in Finance Minister Mwiraria into deals and failed- Raila literally killed the project.
A project that would see slums like Kibera and Mathare developed into modern respectable housing estates was killed- why? Raila could not get an avenue to eat.…/how-uhuru-snatched-sh500bn-sgr-de…
The story shows that Raila’s opposition to the project, and vigorous attempts to kill the SGR had nothing to do with viability but due to lack of eating opportunity.
Luckily for Kenyans- Uhuru stood his ground and delivered an SGR bila corruption. Interesting enough, Raila the one that set eating avenues- managed to turn public opinion against the project.
Of course there is no evidence of those mentioned in the Standard Story having been involved in corrupt deals. But the circumstantial evidence around the person Raila all point to Raila being actively involved.