Margaret Wambui Kenyatta

The Kenyatta family has been thrown into mourning, following the death of Margaret Wambui Kenyatta, the first daughter of the founding President Jomo Kenyatta and former Mayor of Nairobi. Margaret, half sister of President Uhuru Kenyatta, died Wednesday at her Lavington home aged 89. She was born in 1928. The deceased was Jomo Kenyatta’s second born child after her brother Peter Muigai from the founding President’s first wife Grace Wahu.

Margaret Kenyatta was the daughter of Kenya’s founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and his first wife Wahu.

She was only three years old When Mzee Jomo Kenyatta left for England

The next time she saw him was at the age of 18 in 1946 when he arrived in Dagoretti from England accompanied by his former colleagues in the KCA who included Jesse Kariuki ,Mbiu Koinange and James Njoroge .

Although Margaret had very little memory of her father when he left ,she had no difficulty in recognising him since he used to send his photographs.

The first statement she heard her dad utter immediately he arrived was :

“Although i have been away a long time,i have not forgotten my people and my language.”


It was also the first time Margaret ,who was about to take her exams at the church of Scotland Mission school to Join Alliance Girls High School ,heard her dad talk about independence.

In 1952 Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and other leaders of KAU were arrested after the declaration of the state of Emergency .

Because ,all independent schools in Kenya were closed during the Emergency including Githunguri Teachers college where she worked as a teacher ,she moved back to Nairobi where she joined the freedom movement.

In prison,Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was allowed only one letter a month ,and out of all the piles of letters he recieved he would only select Margaret’s.


She made good use of this opportunity by passing stories of what was happening inside Lokitaung to the Drum ,the only magazine which befriended Kenya’s independence struggle.



When Mzee Jomo Kenyatta came out of prison and placed under house arrest in Lodwar ,Maralal and Kiambu ,Margaret became more of his secretary ,always standing by his and taking notes whenever he addressed the press.

Mzee trusted Margaret so much that whenever there was a lady he was interested in ,it was Margaret he used to send.This was before he married Mama Ngina.

In 1960 she ventured into politics as a nominated councillor representing Dagoretti which was part of Kiambu.

She joined competitive politics in 1963 and was elected a councillor in Nairobi.

She spent some time in Israel around this time ,as a special guest of Golda Meir,Israel’s Foreign Minister later Prime Minister , who was a very good friend of her father.

She served as Mayor of Nairobi between 1970 and 1976 when she retired to take up her new post as the permanent representative to the United Nation Environment Programme.




Why Baba does not want to fight Kenya Pipeline



Good Morning Kenyans. Today, I want to remind you of a major story that The Daily Nation exclusively broke last week.. The story done by John Kamau- one of the most respected Journalists in the Country with more than 20 years of experience. He did a story about Kenya Pipeline and exposed a number of dubious, corrupt and questionable deals.
It was widely expected that Raila – the man who “hates” corruption- would call an International Press Conference and give more details on the corrupt deals at Kenya Pipeline. We are on the Second Week- and the “Anti- Corruption Guru” has not uttered a single word. Do you know why? Raila is deeply, I mean deeeeeeply involved in the questionable Pipeline deals. He still has stake in companies associated with Triton. Second, his company Astra Aviation Limited- that has been mentioned in several probes- is deeply involved in several questionable deals at the Airport Fueling section.
As I keep repeating here, if you want to eat in peace – bila kusumbuliwa- make sure that Raila Odinga is part of your eating.
For those that keep shouting about safi kama pamba– hebu answer me- why has Raila not mentioned even a single word about the Nation Story on Kenya Pipeline?

ODM’s humiliating politics is an insult to democracy


Facts only


The person being thumped here at Orange House is our son from Alego-Oduor Ong’wen. One of the most educated sons of West Alego. He has headed several World Bank Projects, and has unparalleled contacts within the Donor Community . He was to become Governor in 2013- when ODM did an interview for people to take be given the ODM Ticket during the By-Elections- Oduor Ong’wen emerged the top. But baba did not want someone with a vision to take over so Rasanga was given the ticket Baba wanted someone who would not ask questions- but steal as instructed.…/fresh-twist-as-raila-odin….
Now, the highly educated World Bank Development Expert was walloped yesterday by Elizabeth Ongoro’s goons. But guess what- nothing will be done to Ongoro- since she is from one of the royal clans in the former Bondo District. Even after walloping the ODM “Boss” Ruth Odinga openly supported Ongoro. Now Our son from Alego- will be forced to give the ODM papers to Ongoro- who walloped him yesterday.- He is lucky that non of the goons had a knife.
In any serious party- Ongoro would have been bared for life. In any serious party- Ong’wen would have resigned if forced to endorse Ongoro. But this is a family business- so wacha biashara ya #OdingaDirectNomination Movement iendelee.

In 2013- ODM Committee set up to select the party’s aspirant for the Siaya Governor By Election interviewed Cornel Rasanga, Carrey Orege, William Oduol and Oduor Ong’wen. The Committe led by Magarer Langat settled on Oduor Ong’wen- former NGO Council Boss, Former World Bank Development Consultant. Rasanga was found to be totally unfit. Apart from singing Pemble Pemble- Rasanga was not known to have achieved anything.
When Magerer took the results to baba- he was repremanded and the recommendation thrown out. Baba appointed Rasanga. This is the moment Magarer started feeling the heat- and was eventually kicked out.
Oduor Ong’wen- the person who took over from Magarer was also thumped and seriously humiliated- just like Magarer. Ongw’wen was thumped after he made a decision to bar Ongoro after she caused the death of two people in Ruaraka.
It is clear- if you make independent decisions in ODM- goons will deal with you pap.I feel so sorry for Ong’wen.

A Truck mounted with blaring speakers is not advertising , it’s NOISE

Mohammed Hersi



Allow me to comment about the so called road shows where trucks are mounted with defeaning loud speakers ostensibly to promote a product or a service. Folks we cannot pretend to be a country
on the run with such archaic ways of promoting a business.  Such trucks are used worldwide but they are stationed at a park or one place for a few hours but not moving all around the city disturbing peace at schools, hospitals, offices even worship places are not spared.

This morning on Uhuru highway , a truck with dancers promoting a financial house was simply blasting noise with ear splitting decibels.  The noise levels was simply ear splitting , even if you wound
up your mirrors the vibration was enough to make you uncomfortable. Can you imagine a sick or elderly person going to hospital stuck in a vehicle next to these madness. What about young children whose ear drums have not even fully developed or that investor
who has just landed at JKIA?

The problem with us Kenyans is that we see this so often that we think it is normal. I will tell you for free IT’S NOT NORMAL. No serious town let alone a city that will allow such madness.
Why would anyone or sensible serious company allow their brand to be hawked in such a manner?

Why would any city authority or NEMA allow such noise levels in the first place ? How much do they pay to the county for them to be allowed to create such terrible
noise levels.

A serious city will never allow this and it just makes us look so backward simply put its “Ushenzi”. To the firms that do this road shows please fire your marketing team. Are you that desperate and
this applies to all the firms that love doing this. You piss off very many people.

Can serious marketers in Kenya stand up and save us , can the relevant authorities stop this madness, Who will wake up NEMA?

You want to sell a product to me then talk to me nicely, don’t shout at me to make it even worse with mounted speakers.