RAILA to regret elevating village heroes like Weta



In 2013, William Ruto had an extremely large following . He had the vote rich Kalenjin solidly behind him. Besides, large sections of the pastoralists behind him. Had he decided to run for top office, he would have easily coalesced Maasai, and large sections of Western and the Coast. But he decided to humble himself under Uhuru. He took the risk to sell Uhuru in his backyard- a task that was not easy at all.
Ruto saw the big picture, and realised that winning was the first step- distribution of power was a distant second.
NASA, on the other hand is made up of people that cannot even fill half a stadium in their backyards who want to compete with other bigwigs. R the day he elevated village heroes like Weta to his level.
That is the difference between NASA and Jubilee. One is made up of strategic thinkers, the other is made up of Egoistic fellows who have overblown sense of importance.
is why Jubilee will win, and win big