Uhuru: This is what I have done for Raila backyard


President Uhuru Kenyatta‘s administration says it has channelled Sh55 billion to three counties in Nyanza.
State House Spokesman Manoa Esipisu outlined the Government’s record ahead of the President’s tour to host winners of the 58th edition of the national drama festivals at the Kisumu State Lodge. It is expected that he will also address the public in parts of Nyanza and Western region.

According to Esipisu, since 2013, Kisumu, Siaya and Homa Bay counties have received over Sh55 billion through the devolved units and the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

According to the official, Kisumu alone has received Sh17.89 billion, which was transferred through the devolved unit, with another Sh2.63 billion reaching the county through CDF. Homa Bay on the other hand has received Sh17.74 billion and Sh3.05 billion through CDF, while Siaya has received Sh15.30 billion in addition to Sh2.26 billion for CDF.

“This implies that a large chunk of cash has been available to help grow the counties, and hopefully the governors and MPs from here invested the money well in projects that lift the lives of the residents,” said Esipisu. In relation to the Digital Literacy Programme (DLP), he said Kisumu had received 21,792 tablets in 402 primary schools, while 474 primary schools in Homa Bay had received 20,414 tablets, and another 393 primary schools in Siaya got 21,666 tablets. In Kisumu, he said 77,452 mothers had benefited from the Free Maternity Services Programme, while Homa Bay and Siaya had seen 85,806 and 77,513 benefit respectively since June 2013.

“In regards to social inclusion in Kisumu, there have been a total of 36,256 beneficiaries of the Women Enterprise Fund, at a cost of Sh216,350,000, while in regards to Youth Enterprise Development Fund, a total of 11,391 people have benefited at a cost of Sh119,369,284,” Esipisu said. Through Uwezo Fund, he said, 33,347 people had benefited from Sh128,105,228 in Kisumu, while 25,559 people had benefited from Sh145,207,281 in Homa Bay.

“Monies given in reference to social inclusion improve the livelihoods and welfare of these families, guarantees they lead a diplomatic life and promote the growth of SMEs,” he said.

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