If you think life is hard- take a moment to ponder about Kalenjin Politicians who took the risk to back Isaac Ruto and Chama Cha Mashinani. Some time back, they were really doing well, riding on the waves of popular rebellion. But now, CCM is a total disaster. Party Leader must have eaten something very very big from the huge Cash from that American fund behind the NASA thing in order to be “5th Principal” After eating, all who followed him are now on their own.
First, by supporting Raila- the man that terrorised the Kipsigis as PM- Ruto missed the mark.
Second, expecting Kalenjins to leave a sure constitutional office of DP and follow him to an imaginary position of Deputy Premier CS is laughable.
Many CCM followers are right now like an Antelope that has been hit by extra bright light. Plogom ame uza chama. Pole sana.