Why Raila will never set foot as tenant in State House


It is something we in Jubilee expected. It has zero impact. It was just a confirmation of the obvious.

Raila has made several attempts to become the CEO of the Republic, starting his journey in 1997, 2007 and 2013, and on all these attempts performing miserably.

His supporters label him “the best President that Kenya never had”.

But he never will be President.

Whatever political game plan he has invented, Raila is a spent force whose time has come to take a bow and exit Kenyan politics.

Raila is a perennial loser and he will remain the opposition leader. The tragedy is it’s as if NASA has yet to learn anything from the previous elections.

There is a saying that only a stupid man who does the same thing the same way all the time and expects different results.

Yes, he may have played a role in the democratization process, but Kenya has made several great leaps forward since then. He should know that he is not the only liberator who should claim entitlement to the exponentially increased democratic space.

Kenya’s democracy has shifted from human rights democracy to economic empowerment democracy and it is good to point out at this time that Raila is not ready for this mission. That is why the August election will not favour ‘The Enigma of Kenyan Politics’.

Raila and Kalonzo is a weakling pairing and will be defeated emphatically on August 8 – hands down. Millions of Kenyans hope this time they will accept defeat graciously and retire from politics.

In this election, Raila had one critical option: That of presiding over anointing a fresh leader to faceoff with our party leaders President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto. In short, Raila and his team will never set foot in the Presidency as the main players. Ever.

Kalonzo, 63, has once again been duped.

The senator from Kericho County