Jakoyo to spill the beans soon

Washington Jakoyo Midiwo is not going to be a pushover- like many others. His decision to start exposing the not so secret dirty deals of his first cousin Raila will be the catalyst that is needed to destroy the Altars that have bamboozled his followers for years.
First, the rules of ” bilo” ( the Juju that Raila uses), state that you cannot bamboozle ( Rundo) blood relatives.
Jakoyo’s Mum and Raila’s Mum are sisters tumbo moja. They come from South Alego.
So, with Jakoyo going ballistic- lots of things Will be exposed.
You see, some of us did not need to be rigged out in order to speak. We have been saying that Raila is an extortionist, a money hungry leader who would sell his soul to anything in order to get cash. But, his bamboozled followers would not listen.
Now, a new crop of former confidants ( who were thrown out by new money from drugs and Counties) are beginning to speak out.
Wait for Ochillo Ayako to say how much he paid, but Obado outpayed him. Wait for Magwanga to speak out what he did to Raila and was assured of Homa Bay Ticket- but Awiti Jamawego outpayed him. Wait for Ranguma to reveal secrets of huge cash demands by Raila, and when he failed to comply, a scheme to replace him by Prof Nyong’o was hatched. Wait for Jakoyo to reveal how his cousins Oburu and Odinga looted Siaya County dry. Siaya is currently the Only County in Kenya that has no single project started by the Governor. He only refurbished a few old buildings, repainted some. Siaya is the only County that still has County Offices in rotting wooden structures. Why? All the money has been looted by Raila and Oburu. All MCAs are afraid to speak out. Jakoyo was the ONLY elected leader who had the balls to say that the looting was going overboard. For speaking out- he has been kicked out.
So, expect Jakoyo to embolden others to speak out.
The stories you will hear……wacha tu

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