Why Uhuru will trounce Raila again

The Star



UHURU Kenyatta has delivered on the mandate that he was given by the people of Kenya in 2013.

He set out on a transformative agenda and to change people’s lives. And, in a great way, he has done just that, right from the investment he made in infrastructure, setting a very firm foundation for sustainable economic growth, to job and wealth creation across the county.

Kenyans appreciate the immense infrastructural development that has gone on, from the standard gauge railway, to the unprecedented massive investment in roads construction. This is across the country.

Crucially, President Kenyatta has not segregated those that voted and those that never voted for him. He has served all Kenyans and that has endeared him to millions of voting Kenyans.

Kenyans appreciate that Jubilee has a vision of what they want to do for this country, they have set out an agenda, they have a manifesto they are scrupulously implementing it and there is no infighting within this government.

As for the cost of living in this country, Kenyans do understand that there has been a global recession. In this region, we are just coming out of a very severe drought. When there is drought and food is scarce, definitely the cost of living goes up. We thank God that the rains are back. And Kenyans do appreciate that, as much as we have depended on rain-fed agriculture, this government also has programmes to move away from such agriculture to irrigation. Therefore they have hope. The Kenyan economy is the most resilient in sub-Saharan Africa.

It’s the reflexive naysayers who claim that Uhuru and Ruto succeeded only because they rode on the anti-ICC wave. But if you understand the philosophy that brought Uhuru and Ruto together, it wasn’t just the ICC. It was a philosophy that they expounded so well at Afraha Stdium in Nakuru in 2012: Both of them said even if they did not win the presidency but managed to unite the people of this country, so that they will never ever fight again for power, they would have won and they would have succeeded. That is why you have not heard in the last fours years that Uhuru and Ruto fight, saying this is my half of government, this was supposed to be my half. For them, it was never about power but uniting Kenya – and then building it like it’s never been built before.