Big no to NASA!!!!
-Where was Raila
in 2010 when the dollar was changing at 107?
-Where was Raila in 2011 when the cost of
petrol was kshs 136 per ltr?
-Where was Raila in 2009 when the price of
wheat/maize flour was kshs 180 & 160
-Where was Raila and Kalonzo in 2013 and
before when the cost of connecting electricity
was kshs 35000 and the cost of electricity per
unit was kshs 30?
-Where was Raila &Kalonzo in 2013 and before
when schools charged kshs 120000 per year?
-Where was Raila &Kalonzo when mothers used
to pay over 10k in maternity?
-Where was Raila & Kalonzo when NHIF used to
cater for only in patient and bed charges only in
2013 & before?
-I guess they were still in Canaan waiting for us