Jubilee NASA chat

Me: Good afternoon NASArene?

Him: Afternoon Jubilant

Me: Did you know direct flights from Kenya to US will commence next month…Imagine how this will impact the horticulture and tourism industry?

Did you know that we done installing reverse technology on our existing pipilenes and will start sending 2000 barrels of crude oil from Turkana to Mombasa and refined oil back…as soon as next month?

What about the great news of SGR maiden trip scheduled for end month at the ridiculous fare of 500/- in less than 5hrs?

Him: Nonsense! How is direct flights to US, Oil exportation and SGR important to me as a common man?

Me: My friend, you are not the only common man alive. I am one too, and Kenya has 44m+ common men. Don’t act special…

Now, direct flights to US means we can expend our horticulture export and boost our tourism industry among many other things. This means more revenue, the revenue that will fix roads, schools and equip hospitals for the common man.

Cheaper and available oil, means the common man can pay less for kerosene and LPG and matatu fare…it also lowers production cost hence cheaper commodities for the common man..

Do you want me to explain how paying 500/- to Mombasa and reaching there in less than 5hrs affects the common man?

Him: Typing…

It’s 1hr and counting…


We live in a highly ethnicized society. Our 42 tribes are not a mistake but a diversity that we ought to embrace and make the best out of.
All our tribal divisions have chieftains who are perceived as direction givers on heavy issues eg political alignments, economic issues and social issues.
In most cases, these tribal kingpins are not the best performers… They are the best noise makers. All talk and no work. Kenyans are smarter than ever. They are able to tell a bad leader when they see one. They are also able to pinpoint a performer and support them all the way irrespective of/against the tribal wave.
Machakos County and Ukambani region in general is facing such a test. It’s the regions moment of truth.
Dr. Alfred Mutua Nganga has broken away from the norm- Empty Politics, Corruption, Self Interests, Tribalism etc. He has dedicated his; management know-how, County funds, Energy and network towards developing Machakos County. This has not gone well with status quo because they feel worried that the actions/Scorecard of the youthful leader are opening the eyes of Wananchi. To them, an Economically/Socially empowered society is the last thing they would think of. It’s because of this that they have tainted his name in a bid to depopularize him across the County and the bigger Ukambani region. He works with the government yet he was elected via a party affiliated with the opposition… Something which is not logical to the status quo.
They will front a Candidate to challenge him but he will triumph over them because the Populi are more interested in empowerment as opposed to political affiliations or power struggles.
Governor Mutua is not interested in becoming the regional King… He’s keen on empowering the Ukambani people through programs that make their daily lives easier and those that can enable them put food on their tables…Uplifting lives.

Secretary general youth league
*Kevin wachiuri maina*

NASA principles know the truth

You already know that NASA principals share nothing in common ideology wise. That Raila believes Mudavadi is corrupt and Kalonzo unreliable. That Kalonzo insists Raila was behind maize and Triton scandals…that he is everything but a reformer. That Weta reiterated Raila has been rejected by voters and should have retired! That they are brought together by their hunger and thirst for power.

Now, what you didn’t know is that none of them, including Raila, believes they can defeat Uhuruto in a free and fair elections.

If they were sure of a victory and took Joho’s 10m strong seriously, Raila won’t be discrediting an IEBC team he put in place barely 3 months ago…he won’t be alleging rigging and setting up parallel tallying center with the sole aim of decorating himself winner. He’d be relaxed, sharing his agenda for the people.

Isaac and Wetangula won’t be vying only to resign later! They’d be sitting pretty, waiting for their appointments into imaginary posts.

Orengo and Nyongo wouldn’t be contesting…they’d be waiting to be named AG and CS for Treasury and Planning respectively.

Yes, they know the ugly truth that they are too disorganized and agendaless to win an election, let alone lead a country into prosperity.

In fact, the only people deluded enough to believe Baba has “taken this thing” are members of my community. And you can’t blame us for holding onto false hope, we’ve been doing so (following a failed political ideology) since independence. And I don’t see us stopping any soon!

Anyway, forget all that, how are you today my fren?

Amsheni Mudavadi

Mudavadi and Wetangula should simply wake up and smell the coffee. Mudavadi should run as Vihiga Governor and Weta as Bungoma Boss. These two posts will give them political relevance between 2017 and 2022 as Uhuru’s term ends in 2022. Isaac Ruto has set the tone for them. He “accepted” the non existent position of Deputy Premier CS but still told NASA that he will still run as Governor.
Otherwise, another five years in the cold will finish both of them politically.
Prof Nyong’o also saw the light Kitambo. And sensed that Raila is going nowhere- that is why he had to rig Ranguma out and take Kisumu by hook and crook.
Should Mudavadi and Weta fail to read signs – another Governor will take over their roles. Alfred Mutua took capitalised on Kalonzo being in the cold. Munya also did the same.
Stop dreaming about those non existent posts Bw Ma DvD and man Weta.