Take a moment and reason

LET’s reason together and leave political partisanship aside. Kenya is yet to reach that level where an incumbent can be defeated by an opposition figure. Leave alone the fact that the current opposition competitor is politically exhausted and doesn’t represent any change.

In 1992 and 1997, despite all odds, the incumbent wasn’t defeated. Real change came in 2002, when Moi had completed his term. In 2007, an opposition figure failed to clinch the presidency, even after we sunk deep into the dungeons of bloodshed. Another change came only in 2013, when the incumbent had completed his two terms. 2017, there is an incumbent defending his seat. For those regarding Raila as their messiah, I wish to let them know that he will not be the president after 8/8. History will just repeat itself. Take a screenshot and keep it safely.

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