6 times failure

Contrary to popular perception, today is Raila’s sixth stab at the Presidency.
First was in 1982, when he organized a dumb Coup attempt. In this first attempt, 389 Kenyans lost their lives, 407 are still unaccounted for. Property worth billions was destroyed and the Kenyan Economy faced a recession from 1983 to 1984 when we saw yellow maize for the first time.
Second was in 1997, when he was walloped badly in the polls. However, after the polls, instead of joining the opposition in order to monitor KANU’s final five years- Raila joined KANU in the massive looting in KANU’s final years. During his Cooperation with KANU, massive amounts of public funds were lost. It is during this period, mega corrupt deals in the energy sector were mooted under Raila, who was the energy minister. This is the period he became a billionaire.
Third was in 2002. He had signed an MoU with Kibaki to be handed over power through the backdoor as powerful Executive Prime Minister. Kibaki did not hand over power- as a result he started a very long drawn campaign against Kibaki. This caused major economic issues.
Fourth was the 2007. This time he started a full throttle hate campaign against the Kikuyu community. He managed to convince his followers to see the Kikuyu as the cause of all their problems. We all know the outcome of the hate campaign.
Fifth was in 2013. As PM, he had the power of incumbency. But he run the most incompetent campaign in history. He lost badly to Uhuru. He started a hate campaign against Jubilee, the impact can be seen in an army of hate filled followers even on Social Media.
Today, is his Sixth stab.
Ile kuanguka ata anguka Mara ya sita…ita sikika hadi juu ya Mt Kilimanjaro.

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