It all started at the Hague. Condemned and watched by millions, the man spoke to defend his life. He was not guilty. Glued to the Tvs whatever the make, large or small , flat bellied or an artefact like the one I grew up watching, the son of Jomo stood like a phoenix rising from the smelly ashes of conspiracy and fault fixing. He had bagged it. Suddenly, he dropped his fathers legacy. A leader was born. The world watched in dismay, shock and sense of pride as a fairly young leader proved to the world that he was the true son of the magnanimous Jomo Kenyatta. He put Kenya on the world map. Even the Queens counsel nodded in appreciation. His clients path on the global stage was cut.
Up and up he soared. He was president elect. Zero violence despite the unguarded attempt by his detractors to malign him. He held Kenya peacefully as the supreme court declared him democratically elected. The world was now alert. A new African order was inevitable. The naysayers of ‘consequences have choices’crawled back to nothingness. The losers court.
He pitched on like a season King. After all, he knew the corners of state house all too well. You simply don’t play with a child who played hide and seek behind a flagged Mercedes Benz. He has no hunger to kill for power. He has no thirst to hurt anyone. It’s not his thing. He leads from the seasoned hand of a previous coach.
Uhuru Kenyatta has consistently staged his worth to the world powers at ease. He brought Obama here dining with him on Kenyan soil. He brought the Pope. Our prayers were interceded locally. Netanyahu and his lovely traffic holding dog graced the land. We don’t need to put small letters in a wall in Jerusalem. The Japanese chose this destination for their events. This is not the Kenya we knew. This is a new way. We matter. The son of Jomo deserves another 5 years. Ask me why?
This week in Italy the high flying president is soaring. He does it for Kenya. Like Kemboi does that dance after his steeplechase race, the son of Jomo is doing it for us. At the G7 he spoke for Africa. He who was thrown under the bus by Raila so that he could craftily pick power. I stand with him once again. I am proud of you my president.
Raila, this is me being objective. Where is your manifesto? What is your economic plan? How well defined is your youth agenda or is it all painted in unga? What is your women empowerment plan? How many education plans have you run for disadvantaged girls in Kibera? Give me the numbers for Bondo too while you are at it.
Raila, this country is headed for economic development. This country is on the global map. This country is youthful and progressive. Like a nubile girl who cannot be defiled by an angry old man who has no plan to elevate her. This country needs a politically mature, well educated and strategic leader who can sell it’s economic dreams to global decision makers. I doubt your accent, unga addiction and clenched teeth as you speak can deliver us. I retire you gracefully. Time is up. Let Uhuru be our ambassador. You know it too well. He’s the younger lion. He is nailing it. Even the seasoned bull knows when the son is the new hero in town. Give us peace.

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