Have some manners on the road



Bad mannered drivers. Kenyan drivers rank just below their Indian Counterparts in bad manners.
They do not care about Zebra Crossings, Traffic Lights and Sirens.
Jana, some cops pumped sense into one of them. Apparently, they were chasing a suspected car, and were using their siren to warn other road users to give way. But some Jamaa right in front of them was busy on his mobile phone, chatting- probably to his Girlfriend. He never bothered that there was some emergency behind him. The getaway car was disappearing.
Irritated, one of the Cops pulled out his gun and shot twice in the air…the Jamaa chatting on the phone dropped it and quickly gave way.
He was lucky that the Cops had an urgent mission ahead, otherwise he would have had a long night.
Basic courtesy demands that you make way when you hear that siren. Basic courtesy demands that you give way on Zebra Crossings. If only more guns could be shot….

WHy Okatch was buried ‘like a dog’


When the late Dave Okwach (former ODM Vice Chairman in Kisumu) was being buried, one of the politicians who managed to speak at the funeral is Shakeel Shanker.

Shakeel made a comment which made him a marked man in ODM. Shakeel said that Dave Okwach was being buried like a dog. According to Shakeel, he was being given a sendoff which was way below his status.

Shakeel’s opening the eyes of Luos and ODM supporters to what Raila didn’t like to be known. He was telling the that no matter how much you sacrifice for ODM and Raila, you are loved disempowered. Raila hates any empowered supporter who can make independent decisions and challenge him.

So Oricho was planted to take up his constituency. That’s it.

Take a moment and reason

LET’s reason together and leave political partisanship aside. Kenya is yet to reach that level where an incumbent can be defeated by an opposition figure. Leave alone the fact that the current opposition competitor is politically exhausted and doesn’t represent any change.

In 1992 and 1997, despite all odds, the incumbent wasn’t defeated. Real change came in 2002, when Moi had completed his term. In 2007, an opposition figure failed to clinch the presidency, even after we sunk deep into the dungeons of bloodshed. Another change came only in 2013, when the incumbent had completed his two terms. 2017, there is an incumbent defending his seat. For those regarding Raila as their messiah, I wish to let them know that he will not be the president after 8/8. History will just repeat itself. Take a screenshot and keep it safely.

Isaac Ruto’s multi-bet


You’d expect Governor Isaac Ruto to sit pretty and wait for his appointment as the 2nd Deputy Premier CS, seeing they have 10m votes already and their victory is assured!

But that’s not the case, The NASA Principal is desperately trying to get reelected as governor. You may be wondering why? Well…

Because, whereas he supports Raila, he’s not brainwashed enough to believe the “we’ve won” crap being fed to the minions! He knows the ugly truth; that NASA is no match for Jubilee, not in Bomet, not nationally.

But why join NASA, knowing this bitter truth? Well, like Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Weta, they might have been well “rewarded” to endorse Rao, to give him the national backing he’s so desperate for…and yes there is also the ego issue!

More to come..



Kitendawili: He supported Pure Presidential System because he believed he’d be elected president…but once he lost, he started Okoa Kenya to abolish presidential system and replace it with parliamentary system..

Kitendawili: He fired Miguna for opposing his choice, one Izak Hassan thinking that Hassan would rig him in, but once that didn’t happen, he lead his supporters to the streets to get rid of Hassan.

Kitendawili: He helped put in place the current IEBC in place, pledged support for the new team thinking they’ll dance to his tune, but now that the team is protecting their independence, he’s started demonizing and threatening Chebukati


Can’t put a good man down


A man’s gift will open doors for him and make him stand before Kings, the good Book says. Like him or hate him- William Ruto is brilliant. But do you know his he crossed from the chicken selling class to where he is?
Ruto was an ardent C.U. member in Nairobi University and a strong choir member.
Baba Moi liked University choirs, and that is how William, son of a peasant ended up in statehouse. His mastery of Kalenjin language and jokes drew then powerful Moi man- Joshua Kulei to him. Young Ruto tickled Kulei with interesting stories and jokes. Impressed, Kulei introduced Ruto to Baba Moi, and the rest is history.
You may have a gift inside you, a gift that may open doors to higher places. Just discover it, and use it. It may be something as simple as your smile, your sense of humour, your voice….You never know how far up it will take you.

Hii maneno ya Gordon Opiyo

Attackers leave ODM communications Phillip Etale paralyzed



Armed attackers attempted to kidnap ODM Director of Communications Philip Etale las night in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

According to eye witnesses, Philip was from a popular eatery, Ranalo Foods, when men in a saloon car blocked his path while he was crossing the road and attempted to kidnap him before speeding off when the plan failed.

Philip was left blinded on both eyes. He was rushed to Nairobi hospitals and treated. Doctors found no life threatening injuries.

Philip was accompanied by blogger Phelix G-Cord who attempted to run after the speeding attackers who sped off. The incident happened around 10pm when the duo were from Ranalo where they had food.

The party ODM has been facing a host of issues after conducting what has been mostly condemned as a sham nomination exercise. Some losers in the nominations have accused key Orange house officials of being behind their fall.

A good number of Orange House officials have not been reporting to work as they fear being attacked by goons who are hired by the losers.