Raila Odinga Jnr fleecing Party

This election was decided in 2014. I am tired fighting a losing battle. If Raila Odinga Junior doesn’t believe that his father will be President, how do you?

When ODM was holding its NDC, Raila Junior demanded to do the podium. He demanded that ODM pay him Ksh 5m for that in CASH. Yaani he couldn’t even wait for a cheque. He demanded CASH. Here you are with false belief that Raila is fighting for you. Raila is in business of elections. These electioneering periods are his harvest time.

Wake up and smell the coffee. You are wasting your time. Junior is demanding CASH and can’t offer anything FOR FREE for his father’s campaign. How do you expect Raila to liberate you? From who? Raila should liberate you from himself.

You want to confirm all these? Follow this Facebook account Realy Junior and the company he is using to loot ODM with is The Creative HUB Limited.

You are deluded if you even trust that Raila is going anywhere. Uhuru might not be perfect, I just don’t want to support someone who has decided to trade with our aspirations and sell it to the highest bidder.

Jubilee vs NASA

Jubilee has Made A commitment that Each and every home shall be connected to electricity ; NASA has totally Nothing on Energy and connectivity. They dont understand that energy is the mover of industrial revolution and transformation in any nation.

Jubilee has committed on Creation of an Biashara bank that shall consolidate Uwezo Fund; YDF and Micro Enterprise Authority into a key financing institution for the youths and women of this nation; NASA seem to have no clue if such funds exists and totally no clue of their role to the society and kenya at large.

Jubilee has subsidised Fertiliser to ksh 1800 this will increase Productivity ; NASA has no plan for Agriculture at all

Jubilee has a plan for irrigation dependent farming to ease the dependency on rain fed agricultre NASA has nothing if not they might be still in the archai models of farming .

Jubilee has promised 57 dams across the country for water harvesting….NASA has no clue that this country needs to improve water haversting for both farming and life in generala…Oooh No we cant allow this fellow to take over; they ve no plan.

Jubilee has Promised to reposition NYS to execute national and international project …Oooh NASa has no plan for the NYS and the Kenyan youths at Large.

Jubilee has placed an emphasis on development of Kenya Film academy and Kenya film School NASA has nothing totally Zero.

Jubilee has promised and already working on “Linda mama” Programme for free maternity and one year NHIF cover for the Mother and child NASA has zero.

Jubilee has promised 9 stadia across the country NASA has zero

Jubilee has promised 30 percent youth appointment in govt positions Nasa has zero.

Jubilee has promised 30 percent of govt procurement to be allocated to Youths NASA has got Zero.

Jubilee has promised to tarmack 10, 000km of roads NAsa has promised to tarmack the already tarmacked major trunk lines btn Malaba and Mombasa a fact that the Jubilee govt has already advertised for the tender and the Bretton wood institution will partly sponsor the project.

Jubilee has Promised to Promote Tourism and reposition Kenya as a key tourism hub in the region …NASA has no mention of tourism.

Jubilee has promised and alreadg working on the total overhaul of the education system to make it more value based and content based. NASA has zero.

Jubilee has promised to seal tax leaks ….NASA wants to create tax leaks by hoodwinking kenyans that they can reduce PAYE I dont know to how much.

Jubilee has promised to restock The indian oceans, lake Jipe lake Naivasha and Lake victoria and promote something called Blue Economy NaSa has nothing on blue economy.

Jubilee Promised to put more emphasis on TVET nothing has no clue of tivet being the mover of Vision 2030 .

Jubilee promised to upgrade SGR to an electric train by 2020 the contract was already signed …Oooh no NASA just copied the same.

Jubilee has promised 1 industry per county NASA has nothing.

By the Do You Know NASA has No Known foreign policy; its neither east nor west…Its foreign Policy is Based on guesswork.

Surely we cant surrender this nation to such a bunch of planless and rudderless Fellows.

Five Hard Cold Facts Why Raila Cannot Be President

1)Huge Difference in Opinion Polls- Though Kenyan Opinion Polls are not perfect, all pollsters, including those linked to Raila all show a huge gap between Uhuru and Raila.
2) Principal Factor- All Principals in NASA have all shown that they have absolutely no confidence in Raila winning. Isaac Ruto has already abandoned the sinking ship. Weta is struggling to be Senator. Kalonzo could not wait to be DP, so he had to forcefully and dictatorially impose his son as EALA MP, yet as DP he would have powers to give him much more lucrative posts.

3) Chief Advisors like Prof Nyong’o, and Orengo have all taken off to fight for County Jobs- yet in Raila’s Presidency, they would be top of the world in very lucrative positions 

4) History: History shows that Raila’s legendary blunders that pop up just before elections are now coming in droves. His foot in mouth disease is now in full blast.

5) Common Sense: Checking the above factors- you must have total deficiency in common sense to expect Raila to win

EXPOSED! During NASA manifesto launch

EXPOSED- Just Like In the Fake ICC cases, NASA has coached a number of people to speak during the Manifesto Launch.
Unlike Jubilee, that used real examples of Success- Raila has lined up a number of people to speak like the coached Witnesses at ICC here is just a sample of what he has lined up tonight….
Just like we got exclusive list of Raila’s Coached Witnesses at the ICC, we now exclusively give you what the coached complainers are going to say tonight
1.Rachael Syntamei– Activist Narok County she talks about Corruption *Implying leaders(Jubilee)have done nothing, she said the leaders act deaf to corruption issues, govt covers up corruption issues and govt must be blamed and Judiciary is not to blame *Equity-She said there is no equal distribution of resources.

2.Samuel Baraza- Bungoma County-Operates Boda in Nairobi *Cost of Living-He was told to insist that the cost of living is high. and unbearable, he said from 15k he earns it’s not easy to survive.

3.Pamela Kamsoi- Kibra Constituency she talks about *Insecurity-Narrated how she was robbed at gun point,Blamed govt for insecurity(Kapedo and Baringo) and said Uhuru has done nothing, Blamed the govt for neglecting the police, said KDF went to Somalia to do business and not fight terrorists.

4.Beatrice Wanjohi(Nyeri County) *Health- She wasTold to say that the health sector is pathetic, in fact she blamed the govt for her husband death in 2010,by all means driven to blame govt.

5.Alvin Odera *Cost of Living Told to say Cost of Linving is high and Food situation is bad, Told to discredit economic growth in Kenya during Jubilee reign, Told to say most of his customers take things on credit since they can’t manage to do cash.

6.George Odera -Siaya county (Taxi driver) *Equity-Told to insist only 2 communities get jobs(Kikuyus and Kalenjin) also told to insist that tribalism is promoted by Kikuyus and Kalenjin.

7.Ali Bashir (Mandera) *Terrorism-Told to blame govt for not doing enough on terrorism, told to insist that North Kenya is worst marginalised under Jubilee than any other govt since independence,was also told to say that Jubilee is a government of only two communities.Told to say the President only remembers Northern Kenya only when looking for votes.

8.Lucy Wandoi(Taita County) *Cost of Living-She was told to say it’s very high, her interview was short because she dint co-operate as required.

9.Calvin Owiti. *Insecurity-Blamed police for insecurity, Dismissed Nyumba saying its a lazy idea.

10.Fred Okemo Omoke-Kisii County *Agriculture, he said that fertilizer isn’t available at subsidized cost, said no enough technical teams to help farmers on the ground

NASA has become the enemy of development sabotaging everything Jubilee builds

Since the Jubilee government came to power, there has been one section of our Kenyan politics that is trying so hard to make the regime look like it is failing. This section is lead by non-other than Raila Odinga. We have been treated to many dramas which at some point are seen as petty attention-seeking from the Former Prime Minister. He has tried so hard to stay relevant and this is done by making sure that he shows up on the TV screens whining.

There are a lot of occasions where Odinga has totally lost it. The latest is his claims that the Jubilee government is planning on rigging an election with the help of our defense force. This is a very dangerous claim and it is one claim that should NEVER come from a man of his caliber. Our security forces (KDF) have been keeping our country safe and trying to turn a section of Kenyans against it for political gain is very DANGEROUS. Odinga has become an enemy of peace and these claims will cause violence if his people take him very seriously.

The Jubilee government has tried its best to make sure that they improve the livelihood of Kenyans. This has been very hard for the whole region due to the prolonged droughts that brought up the problem of food shortage. On the other hand, the opposition as contributed a lot in making sure that the Jubilee government doesn’t have an easy work. They have opposed everything that the government tries to do and at some point sabotaged a lot of projects. Here are some of the things that the opposition has destroyed in the name of trying to make the government look bad.


  • The devolution ministry with the help of the NYS facilitated the building of clinics and toilets to improve the health of the people of Kibera. This was seen as a plan of the government to steal Raila’s influence in Kibera. You might as well guess what happened. All those infrastructures that were meant to help the people of Kibera were brought down under the instruction of Odinga’s circle.
  • We all remember when Joho said that he will make sure that The standard gauge railway is brought down because they are against it. This was not an empty threat. We witnessed it being vandalized a week before it was launched.
  • Kenya has built its trust around the KDF in a way that they know that the country is safe because of the work they are doing. This is something that Odinga has decided that it doesn’t advantage him and the recent rigging claims involving the KDF says it all. Right now Odinga is rallying a section of Kenyans against the KDF is a move that he wants us to lose the trust we already have for our forces.
  • The latest is what has happened in Budalangi. In one of the NASA canpaigns in Western, Wetangula called The Budalangi MP, Ababu Namwamba “The enemy of NASA and Western”. This is because he decided to work with Jubilee and make sure that his people are not left behind. One major project that the NASA team was against is the building of Sigiri Bridge.
  • Yesterday Odinga was heckled with “Uhuru Tena” chants in Budalangi because of the bridge and it was brought down hours later.

Mega Regret

download (1)
Isaac Kiprono Ruto is not a stupid man. He is not as naïve as the youthful excited men who follow Raila.
Two weeks after openly joining NASA as “Fifth Principal” Isaac Kiprono Ruto realized that he made the biggest political blunder of his 35 years in Politics.
He went to his people on the ground and discovered that the ground refused to shift.
Isaac Kiprono Ruto has stopped attending NASA rallies. He is fighting to retain his post as Governor.
You would expect that being given the huge post of Deputy Premier in a ” 10 million ” strong party, Isaac Kiprono Ruto would be excitedly campaigning for Raila. Alas, After weighing both options….. Isaac Kiprono Ruto has quickly retreated back to fight for his post as Governor.
Now, if Isaac Kiprono Ruto, a veteran of 35 years in politics, and having been promised a senior Deputy Premier post- can run away from NASA rallies….. You as a young voter, who has not been promised even a small post like PA to MCA’s Secretary uko hapa una tisha tisha watu eti “if votes are stolen bla bla bla”
Young man and woman, the shock that will hit you in August….. Bado ina Fanya Tizi Enugu…

The looming constitutional crisis



This election is a slippery one because of a playful and incompetently drafted constitution. For instance, the date of the election is cast in stone. If the ballot papers are not ready by August 8, the election cannot be held on any other date.

And this is probably what Nasa leader Raila Odinga wants. If the courts cancel the tender for the printing of ballot papers, there will be no election. A hard constitutional fact! The only way out is a caretaker government.

If Raila uses the courts to sabotage the printing of ballots, therefore, it is because he wants a caretaker government. Period! But this is not the only worrying scenario in this election.

In case of death of a presidential candidate or his running mate between now and August 8, the election stands cancelled and a fresh one called in two months.

For instance, if a presidential candidate commits suicide on August 7, the election will be cancelled and a fresh one called for October 7. And since we have one suicidal presidential candidate, this scenario is probable.

My worry, though, is not the presidential candidates. It is the running mates. And I am not talking about William Ruto or Kalonzo Musyoka. These are safe! My worry is the others whose names we cannot remember.

If any of them dies on August 7, the election is cancelled. Another hard constitutional fact! For instance, if Dida’s runningmate in 2013 was beaten by a dog outside his Kibera shack and died, the election would have been cancelled.

It is that simple. This is why the government should give tight security to the independent presidential candidates and runningmates. As for my political science student at University of Nairobi in the 1990s, Solomon Gichira, we must stop him from attempting suicide again.

After the courts allowed him to run for president, he is now a national security threat. In fact, Interior Cabinet secretary Joseph Nkaissery should secure him with a battalion of military men, not policemen! And on this point, I am not being funny.

Now I will ask the country a few questions. After you vote on August 8, when do you expect to go back to work? On August 9 or there about? Zero! This election has potential to spill over to mid-2018.

And this is a hard constitutional fact. In fact, after August 8, we have no idea what the country will look like. Consider the following: One, on August 8, Uhuru Kenyatta becomes the temporary president.

This is a new concept in the Constitution. A temporary president is half a president. He cannot fire anyone, even if they sabotage his government from within. But fundamentally, he cannot deploy the military to quell the kind of violence we had in 2007.

This can only be done with the approval of Parliament, which will have been dissolved on August 8. If we have violence on August 10, for instance, the military cannot intervene.

Why this is worrying is because in 2007, the violence stopped when the military swung into action. We do not have this luxury. And the question is: Who benefits from such paralysis? The answer is obvious: Raila. He will use this paralysis to force a coalition government if he loses. More so, if there is violence like in 2007!

And the second reason why we are headed for a prolonged and tense post-election period is that every stage of this election will be contested in courts of law.

The first round will be contested, and if we have a run-off, its results will also be challenged in court. And these contests do not have to be done by the candidates. I am sure activists will file multiple petitions, even for nuisance value. If this is true, then, the earliest we can swear in the new president will be Tuesday September 12.

And this is the best case scenario in which one of the candidates gets 50 per cent plus one and the Supreme Court rules that the election was valid. This is the scenario that obtained in 2013.

In my view, Raila will do everything possible to ensure this does not happen. In fact, he has worked for the last four years to ensure this does not happen.

If he will not get a caretaker government or a forced coalition becomes impossible, a run-off is his best bet. But what does a run-off look like? If we have a run-off, the earliest the new president will be sworn in is November 14.

For 100 days, we will be in a state of political suspense with Uhuru as temporary president, with no powers. In the meantime, the economy will begin to react to the suspense and political tension. And even then, tension for 100 days is not a disaster. This is actually a Christmas picnic. More so because we could face worse circumstances than this.

Let me explain. Should we have a run-off, it will happen on October 5. And this is because a petition contesting the first round of election will delay the run-off. The results of the run-off will be announced on October 12.

And this will definitely attract a petition by October 19. If this happens, the Supreme Court will make its ruling on November 2. The ruling will have two possibilities. One, that the run-off was valid; or it was invalid.

If declared invalid, then a fresh election will be held 60 days after November 2. And this takes us to January 2. In sum, January 2 will become the new August 8. All the dramas we have experienced in this election will start afresh on January 2.

What is more, they could run all the way to June next year. And this is a hard constitutional fact! What is my point here? There is a concept in law known as cui bono which states that “If you get to a crime scene, you must start by asking ‘…who benefits from this crime?’”. Once you identify the primary beneficiary, you will identify the killer.

And we must use this principle to analyse our constitutional confusion. We must ask the question: Who benefits from it? Once we identify the beneficiary, we will identify the engineer of the coming confusion.

And the beneficiary is Raila! Put differently, the options for Raila are two. One, to force a caretaker or coalition governments. But this will require violence, which Raila would want to avoid.

The second option is to force a constitutional coup. In this option, he will force a protracted petition in which the Supreme Court has no choice but to nullify either the first round of election or a run-off! To achieve this result from the Supreme Court, what Raila needs to do is to mis-engineer the election in selected areas.

This way, he will collect compelling evidence that will force the Supreme Court to nullify the first round of the election or the run-off. And with this, the 100 days of election suspense will turn to six months.

The six months will turn to one year. The economy will respond. And without violence, a coalition government will happen to stop this constitutional madness! In my view, this is a typical Raila plan. But I could also be wrong!