Raila had his chance and blew it

Gordon Opiyo

When he was in Power Raila had the chance to transform the Rail system. But instead, he was overcome by greed and joined the mega theft of Railway assets that took place through the Rift Valley Railway
RVR was a well calculated scheme to fleece the Assets worth billions.
Guess what??? Never for a single second did he raise his voice about the theft.
Instead, he was very close to the guys that stole.
His sister was made head of the lucrative Railway Pension Scheme (The body in charge of the huge land in Muthurwa, Makongeni, Landi Mawe- worth billions) and she was involved in massive theft.

Several moneyed groups like the Truck Owners and Bus Owners always visited the money loving Raila to ensure that Reli is not built.

In just four years- Uhuru overcame temptation from the mega rich Road Transporters who never wanted the Rail to succeed. He has delivered to Rail to Kenyans. I
It was not easy. Today trials for the #SGRCargoTrain begin, tomorrow its Passenger.
If we had some a money loving corrupt leader like Raila- this Rail plan would still be gathering dust somewhere.

A working President

I remember, in 2014, the president stopped listening to opposition rants and commenced the construction of SGR. Team Petty even ran to the court to stop the commencement…but nothing could stop a great idea whose time had come, not the lie rallies not the scandalizing…Nothing!

2.5yrs later, the president, his deputy and 100s of Kenyans boarded #MadarakaExpress. Now ladies and gentlemen, that’s how you get things done in a country where the opposition is not an alternative but a coming together of bitter election losers turn motivated saboteurs.

By refusing to yield to outrageous demands from self-haters, Uhuruto managed to:

1. Modernize JKIA, renovation of MIA, setting up of airports and strips

2. Expand the capacity of Mombasa port and digitalization of most services

3. Build roads of great import like Isiolo-Moyale. And continue with mega projects e.g Outering Super Highway.

4. Continue with construction of affordable housing for civil servants and our men in uniform

5. Avail needed bridges like the sigiri and mbita causeway…

The ugly truth is, politicians for selfish reasons will not always agree on most things. What matters is whether a project eases the lives of most Kenyans. That’s what Uhuru considered and the reason for SGR.

#MadarakaExpress it is.

God bless Kenya.

Rude shock to an ODM sycophant

ODMs chief sycophant Hon Jim Bonnie is in shock, after his hero and the one he calls liberator : baba, replaced his man Tom Odege with moneyed MP Anyanga. Anyanga was thumped, walloped and crushed in the ODM nominations. But Hon Jim Bonnie’s man did not have deep pockets. So, as usual, baba gave ticket to highest bidder. Only a total fool would believe that Pareno would “mess” without orders from above. If its true, why is baba promoting her to EALA? Let’s wait and see what chief sycophant Bonnie will say.FB_IMG_1496337182594