Please be honest with yourself

Ladies and gentlemen we live in very interesting times. Ours is an environment littered with shameless flip-flops and where double standards reign supreme.

For instance, did you know that:

1.Rising up early to call Uhuru a red-eyed drunkard among other ugly names is known as “saying it as it is” while pointing out inconsistencies in Raila’s brand of politics is “a loathsome obsession resulting from bitterness and a desire to be recognized”?

2. A Luo supporting the reelection of President Uhuru is a cheap sellout and traitor (looking for handouts) whereas a Kikuyu supporting Raila’s fourth bid is a heroic patriot?

3. It’s okay to claim that all Kikuyus are jigger-minded and brown-teethed (whatever those are), but sharing research findings to the effect that Homabay county is the most affected by HIV/AIDS, Migori leads in malaria related deaths and teenage pregnancy is common in Luo Nyanza than anywhere else is insulting Luos to appease Okuyu?

4. Raila and his team can host IEBC leadership at Capital Hill and address jolly pressers as many times as they like while a warm handshake between Uhuru and Chebukati (or any other commissioner) is evidence that the August polls are rigged already?

5. That my next post will be highlighting Uhuru’s achievements and why I believe he deserves a second term?

Well, now you know.

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