Lest we forget 2007

While We Slept!!!!!! I January 2008, Kenya, our beloved country erupted into violence to a scale that shocked everyone. However, some of us that were tasked with the job of attending political rallies as part of the media- the violence did not come as a surprise.
Raila led a campaign of hate- and the outcome was not surprising.
Ten years later- as the proverbial Ostrich- Kenyans are pretending to have forgotten. We are burying our heads in the sand, hoping that nothing bad is going to happen.
Raila has upped his game of hate. But this time, he is more organised. This time he has the backing of some big money from abroad. This time he has the backing of a key billionaire who was the mastermind of the Anglo Leasing scam.
It is shocking that the same same tactics used in 2007 are being repeated in 2017.
Raila has prepared for an ALL OUT WAR.
Question is this- as Kenyans, do we sleep and pretend that we do not know what is going on?
The preparation for WAR starts with elaborate planning first by messaging.
In Rwanda, it started by songs, and political campaigns calling Tutsis “Cockroaches”.
In Nazi Germany. Hitler started a well planned hate campaign against Jews. It started in song.
Raila- has once again started a well crafted hate campaign. I will discuss various ways he is using.. today I will start with the song he has chosen as his 2017 Signature.
KFCB has a requirement that all songs sang in Vernacular must have subtitles in order to help those that cannot understand that language know what is it is saying.
The most popular song generated by the Raila team is called NASA- TIBI- Tilialala.
As much as the song is entertaining, it is passing a dangerous message.
The song is declaring that power is not given- it is taken.
The song has a refrain “Nairobi… wang’ni onge gimi weyo, Kisumu.. wang’ni onge gimi weyo” Meaning Nairobi… this time there is nothing that we are leaving.Then it continues “Ma kata ochuno, to wadonjo gi mbalagewa” Meaning “If push comes to shove- we will enter by force”
This song is the the song being used in all NASA rallies.
It breaks all laws right from the KFCB guidelines, to the NCIC code, the the laws on cohesion.
I say this: Nobody should lose his or her life because of politics. Specifically, nobody should lose his or her life or property because of a very corrupt person like Raila.
This song spreading hate and preparing the listeners for war must not be allowed to be aired or played anywhere.
Surely, NCIC, what are you doing?

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