Raila testing queen’s resolve

I have repeated here several times that Raila repeated classes so many times in Primary school. When he could not take it any more, he took off to Tanzania from where he went to Egypt and then to Germany to do a welding course.
If there is even ONE person who has evidence that he went to Secondary School, let him or her table the evidence.
He repeated classes due to his inability to learn from the past. He must be having the ever right attitude, and always believing that everyone else is wrong, and he is is always right.
Yesterday, Raila made the worst of the worst and if there is such a word…the worsest mistake.
He openly declared and announced that he would Dismantle the Laikipia Ranches, Zimbabwe style .
Within minutes, the BBC, The Times of UK and global media picked the story.
Laikipia is not your kawaida zone.
It is the place where the true Aristocrats play. It is where Prince William comes to relax frequently. It is where the owners of global brands like Puma and Ferrari come to relax. It is where all the British and American Generals come to relax.
In other words, Raila poked straight into the eyes of the guys who rule this world.
Even if he had such intentions, he should have kept mum, and only execute it after holding power.
These guys control things. They can beat you to a pulp if you dare mess with them.
Only someone very very very very Daft and A Moron would repeatedly make such silly mistakes.
And only someone Dafter and a bigger Moron can believe that Raila can ever take power.