British Authorities and Ranchers; Raila Odinga Behind Laikipia Land Invasion


The eyes of the world have been focused on Kenya the most developed and largest economy in East and Central Africa this week, and hopefully, beyond this week.  Why? The 72 Year old opposition leader wants to turn the powerful economy into another Zimbabwe by chasing ranchers, farmers, and hoteliers from the Laikipia region of Kenya, and maybe, maybe, beyond if he wins the August Presidential Election. A Case of sociopolitical buffoonery and sheer lack of economic and international relations knowledge. Pure idiocy and lack of providence.

When Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe drove 4000 productive farmers off their land a decade ago it was a tragedy. He did not imagine the political and economic ramifications of such buffoonery. What befell the once mighty Zimbabwe is historical. The country’s economy plunged into a deep sea of misery, inflation skyrocketed, and most notable, the country’s sociopolitical fabric wore out. Zimbabwe became a global laughing stalk, an insignia of how political buffoonery plunders even the finest of economies in modern earth.

Political Buffoonery and Sheer Lack of Leadership

In Kenya, the early signs of a political buffoonery were first reported by Times, a world acclaimed magazine. Times South African based journalist Aislinn Laing on 12th June 2017 authored a story whose headline screamed “Kenya’s White Ranches Must be Dismantled, Says Opposition Leader Raila Odinga.” The world was dismayed. Though Odinga has attempted to dispel the fears, foreign policy analysts, diplomats, geopolitical analysts, economists and intelligence services have focused their eyes on Kenya and the Laikipia flashpoint.

The Maasai tribesmen, British Intelligence, British Army elements training in the area, the White Ranchers and Hoteliers in Laikipa County which lies north –West of Central Kenya believe Raila Odinga and his political friends are behind the violent land invasion, killing of wildlife, destruction of tourist homes, and lodges owned by both Kikuyu and British businessmen. The Maasai and Kikuyu live there and they are socioeconomically affected. A Decline in demand for foodstuffs in the hotels and ranches has affected them significantly.

Purge on Perceived Kikuyu Hegemony, their heartland and economic lifelines

According to intelligence sources, Raila Odinga and his opposition coalition wants Laikipia to be a flashpoint to harm the Kikuyu economy and subsequently destroy its imagined and misconstrued hegemony. The deployment of once peaceful Samburu herdsmen and youth militia to raid and kill Kikuyu farmers besides destroy White owned ranches and lodges was planned. The Maasai in Laikipia blame area Member of Parliament Mathew Lempurkel for the armed conflict. By raiding Laikipia and Nyeri, the Samburu’s will have succeeded in proving that the Kikuyu community fortress of Central province is vulnerable and that herders can raid and possibly push them out of the highlands.

If the White ranches are dismantled and the arid land transformed into grazing fields, a world class desert will be established on the leeside of Mt Kenya. With Laikipia a dry desert, the pastoralists will push beyond Nyeri for pastures further creating socioeconomic conflicts. It is a strategy of weakening and hopefully destroying the Kikuyu community. It has always featured predominantly in Odinga’s strategy including the 2007 election whereby the core of the strategy was isolation of the community. Interestingly, the International Criminal Court ICC, has never taken action despite coarse body of information incriminating the career opposition leader.

It is interesting to watch the events in Kenya as they continue to unfold. The general election is on a month and half away. The scales are tilting towards the incumbent youthful President Kenyatta with pundits projecting a clean 1st round win of 58% of the vote against Odinga’s paltry 38%. The British and local communities in Kenya should both pray Odinga loses to Kenyatta else they’ll be dismantled from their lands. Whilst the rosy idea of populist approaches to sociopolitical conflicts goes down well with most poor communities, the country is likely to go Zimbabwe way where ‘you’ll carry a million shillings to buy bread and butter”

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