World of 2 ‘leaders’

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It was Sunday. Uhuru was in Church praying for peace and stability during this election period.
Josua, on the other hand, avoided Church like a plague, and instead went to Uchumi Supermarket to take advantage of the regional maize shortage that has affected Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda.
Instead of preaching peace, Joshua goes to a press conference with a totally outrageous claim that Jubilee is withholding maize in order to release during election day.
One wants peace, and the other wants anarchy.


Raila has surveyed and realized that he stands no chance of creating mayhem and bloodshed if he were to rely on his current base. During the IEBC Demos, not even a single glass was shattered in Machakos, Bungoma, Kakamega or Kilifi. It was only in Kisumu, Siaya and Homa Bay that property was destroyed.
Having realized that his plan to have bloodshed may not work, he has decided to look for hotspots that can easily be ignited.
That is why in just one week he visited the volatile Maasai Land Issue in Laikipia and Kajiado.
He knows very well that if you go to Kitengela, Ngong and by extension Athi River and ask ” Kwani wana wavamia……hawana Mashamba kwao?” You would be triggering a major ethnic conflict war of monumental proportion. He knows that some Maasais believe that their parents sold off their land, to outsiders and if you promise those young bitter warriors that tarehe nane ni siku ya ukombozi, you are passing a dangerous message that will have bloodshed as consequence.
When some of us say that this man is dangerous, some guys think that we are alarmists.

From my heart to Fathers

Kimeto Lilian
The sun is coming down on the Sunday, the 18th June 2017. A day that saw the celebration of Father’s Day. It’s a day on which we’re asked to get in touch with the gratitude we should feel towards our own fathers. For some of us this is easy, either we had fathers and, the ones we had are(or were )good ,or we are good fathers; but for many, it’s difficult.
How do I celebrate Fathers’ Day when I don’t have one or even know who that is? How do I feel gratitude if my father is mostly absent or abusive? How do I celebrate this day when my Father is already in heaven?
Sadly, because of those questions, many of us have gone through this day or will go through life struggling about the issues in our lives that define the concept Father.
We celebrate fathers who have done their best. Please keep on at it. Your reward shall come in this life and in heaven, too.
Allow me then to encourage the following types of fathers:
1. Those whose children (and probably wives too) are eagerly awaiting their early departure from earth so that they can inherit property.
2. Those who built beautiful homes for their families but sadly it is cockroaches and geckos who are enjoying the comfort of those homes as their wives have turned them into huge garbage bins. Well, just DIY and clear your house. You won’t die doing it.
3. Those struggling to find a healthy balance between freedom and discipline in their lives. They are forever vacillating between being too hard on themselves or too easy on themselves. Please be yourself, forgive yourself and give yourself a fresh start. It’s not too late to be the good father your children deserve.
4. Those who feel let down by their choice of mother of their children. What they saw is not what they got now. You expected respect, they talk you down, you expected a friend but she’s a tigress. Well, just become a philosopher. Don’t add another wife. We women are just the same and you won’t be solving but adding to your challenges.
5. The absent or abusive fathers. Well, maybe you are going through life always unconsciously seeking something that has been withheld from you. Maybe it was your father’s approval and that left you inhibited, often angry and hungering for a father. Please forgive, forget what your own father never did or gave you. Don’t visit that to your children. Affirm your children and change the narrative of your lineage.
6. The father who is the epitome of disorder. He could be seated on a Sina Tabu now, has not paid school fees, and is eating Nyama Choma while the children will have Ugali with cabbage soup. Please go on your knees now and ask God for help. He will answer you and you could just spring back to life and become the archetypal father who is meant to order, carry, feed, and bless his family.
7. The father that is forever being carried by his children and their mother. A good father does not make his own problems and concerns, his own tiredness and heartaches, the center of family’s attention. Rather he relates beyond his own tiredness and heartaches so as to make the focus of attention the heartaches and headaches of his family. Father it is you alone to work on finding meaning, satisfaction, and happiness in your own life.
8. The father let down by what became of his children. Maybe he wanted them to pursue a STEM career path but he has ended up a DJ and it’s not easy affirming and admiring such a child leave alone proud of their talents and achievements. Well, settle that in your heart and just do your bit as a father by giving them the support they need from you
9. The father with a constriction of the heart. For this simple reason. He is not sure whether the children who call him father are his own. He observes and has concluded, even without DNA, that the heads of his children are trapezium shaped (like his neighbours), whereas his own head is oval. Yet he is struggling to feed and clothe them.
10. The Father of a child with special needs. Nobody knows what you go through and why you are self-absorbed or just disengaged. May God give you His grace but never give up on your offspring. Be their best dad ever and give them the best in life
In conclusion, fatherhood isn’t as pretty as it’s presented on sitcoms, or as amicable as told in eulogies. Fatherhood is a responsibility, probably equal to a death sentence. But it’s doable.


By James Mwangi

Raila is back full throttle. With his usual theatrics of accusations. Crafting a very insidious “election are or will or were rigged against me” narrative. He is trying to use the communication tacticsFour “D”s; Distracting (Preemptive Framing), Diverting, Deflecting, Decoying (Trial ballooning). This time round, he has scaled higher. On the pedestal of allegations. Prosecuting the IEBC in their own court and imputing ill motive on the part of Jubilee’s top cadre’s kith and kin. Note, NASA has chosen to attack none other but the President and his family’s integrity directly. For maximum mileage.Through this, he has tried to utilize all those four strategies to his advantage. Keeping his name on the lips and on the headlines without holding a singular public rally. Only using IEBC’s granted platform (the just concluded summit on elections at KICC) and a presser by one of his lieutenants, Mudavadi. By preemptively framing that the ballot tender has been rigged to favor Jubilee, he is using the “first framer wins” logic. He is diverting and deflecting attention from NASA’s epic inadequacies. NASA’s inadequacies range from their composition (more tribally inclined) to their lackluster campaign performance and structuring to their dying messages. The Media and Jubilee top brass have swallowed this decoy hence ballooning it further. Worth to note, the more Jubilee’s top brass go on defensive for an Independent institution (EACC), the more it gains traction, balloons, raises additional queries, ignites NASA’s base and raises questions within the undecided voters cohort and within the swing vote blocks on Jubilee’s sincerity and IEBC’s credibility. Who knows what Raila might reframe next? Food (basics)? Be my guest.

Jubilee should give Raila the contempt card and hit the ground running with their own campaigns. They should let the IEBC tackle Raila. Let them sort out their issues if they got any. Thus exhibit neutrality. Be the innocent victim they are who is falsely being hung. Then to show their seriousness on winning the coming elections, they should embark on an aggressive “actions spaketh louder than mere words” tactic. Cut the direct counter accusations with Raila and/or his lieutenants and conduct rigorous town to town campaigns. On a daily basis. Make Wanjiku rather than Raila be the ultimate prosecutor. This will be a message strong enough to make even the swing vote blocks and Raila’s bases start their own prosecution of Raila’s seriousness and straightforwardness. A reevaluation that will jolt NASA to the reality that things have changed. Thus, putting Raila on defense through a thorough campaign mop up. From and within all corners of the country. Carpet bombing approach. Thus, you create a euphoric tempo. A wave of euphoria through direct engagement with Wanjiku. Raila and company will be left with no option but to fight it out!

The election boycott threat is as empty as it can be. First, the elections won’t just be a Presidential election and with NASA and Jubilee as the only competing political entities. They will involve other equally hotly contested seats involving other political parties and Independents. Most importantly the elections will involve the emerging powerful devolved structures of governance. Will say Joho boycott and allow Awiti or Shabhal a free ride? Can Malombe allow Musila to win without breaking sweat? Can Awiti let Magwanga? Can Nyongo let Ranguma? Can Kidero let Sonko? Can Nanok let Munyes? Can Wavinya let Mutua? Will Wetangula give his competition a walkover? Will Kalonzo refuse a Senate nomination? Can … you can add on!!! Hard realities these are. As such the threat fizzles. Due to its consequences. Secondly, if Jubilee embarks on an aggressive campaign mode, it conditions the country of there being an upcoming election. And their seriousness about it. Thus, to suggest otherwise would be “treasonable” amongst the voters. Third and the most IMPORTANT, Jubilee must ensure a clean and clear first round win. To avoid a runoff. In a run off, Raila with his lieutenants now safely in office can choose to boycott. Thus deny Jubilee’s win legitimacy! A first round win for Jubilee isn’t an option but a must. To avoid the runoff being used as a negotiating and delegitimization bait!

James Mwangi is Managing Partner, Nyika Strategies Group

NASA is scheming to have polls postponed to December


By Nikko Tanui
Standard Digital Mobile

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto have made sensational claims that opposition leaders want General Election postponed after sensing defeat.

They spoke of a scheme by the National Super Alliance (NASA) that is calculated towards having a coalition government between Jubilee and the Opposition outfit once they succeed to have the election postponed to December.

“NASA leaders are trying to force Kenyans to allow them join the Government through the backdoor just as they did during the Grand Coalition government whereby they forced retired President Mwai Kibaki to share power with them.”

“But we are telling them that the Constitution states clearly that the general election must be held on second week of August this year,” said Uhuru.

The head of state said that it was clear in the minds of all Kenyans that the elections would be held on August 8.

“For long my deputy and I have yielded to numerous demands by the opposition on how the electoral body should be reformed. They called for the disbandment of the IEBC, we gave in. They then went to court over the biometric Voter Register (BVR), we never opposed and now they have fresh demands on the printing of ballot papers, which we are ready to let them decide on who will print them,” said the President.

Speaking in Kericho County where they took their re-election campaign after exploits in the North Rift region, the duo said issues raised by the NASA presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga about the Sh2.5 billion ballot papers printing tender were part of the opposition wider scheme to stop the August polls.

Let us preach peace & cohesiveness

The first bullet is shot the first scream rings through the sombre atmosphere. . The first smoke is seen.
Fire is razing down a village you start celebrating your enemies are being brought down because they did not vote for “MTU WETU.”
After two days, life becomes hard you cannot freely fetch water from the local river because you fear for your life there is smoke and screams everywhere your livestock is stolen you cannot feed your children well.
Life gets tougher you cannot make calls because the government has cut out the network it all becomes dark you cannot watch the news. It is bad you also start feeling the pinch.
After four days your attackers are repulsed you hear that your enemies are advancing towards your village and they have received reinforcement you hear that they are regrouping and are heavily armed.
You start fearing you wonder why there was war in the first place anyway your children are hungry, they are afraid you are disillusioned.
Then your village is attacked the same attacks are in other villages and shanty slums in cities you collect your little belongings and run to the police station.
Your daughter trips and breaks her leg then some old man tells your your son has fallen in the war, you are not emotional, not sad even. You seem to be out of touch with reality, with the world.
An arrow goes through your left thigh as you run for safety, you just drag yourself along you are still alive.
Reaching the police station, it is overcrowded., you have to share a tent a leaking tent, the hygiene there is terrible. The sanitation do not befit a human being then you realize you are not with your daughter you try to look for her then you find out that in the camp there is a Njoroge, an Atieno, a bakari, a wekesa, a kipkorir, a nyambane and others.
Your leg is rotting, you cannot find your darling daughter, people start dying, and you start wondering who is fighting who? Everyone is in the camp, and you have the same problem, you are fighting for scarce food, water and other resources.
Your daughter who broke her leg is unconscious, you are also getting thin, the old men in the next tent that had become your friend dies at night.
Then the police station is attacked hundreds die the CNN, Al jazeera, Deutsche welle BBC come and cover your story you despair You escape, but, you cannot run your leg is almost non functional, the attackers reach you they wipe your entire remaining family out with machetes as you watch and they leave you in agony. Hungry dogs find you and lick your leg in hunger, dehydration, loss of blood and bacterial infection, you die.
Your “MTU WETU” shall be watching the news with his family or a hot diva of a campus girl in bahamas or sychelles., when all is done, when most of your people and the others you used to call enemies shall be dead or too weak to fight, he and his friends shall gather at Villa Rosa Kempinsky sipping very expensive wine and eating some delicacies you only heard of, laughing and sharing power, while your remains rot under some old tree in some remote forest.
Ethnic diversity is not enemity choose life, not violence be wise let us vote in peace.
Join the initiative let’s preach peace/cohesiveness.
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Governor’s Debate Exposes Ngilu Badly, Leaves Her Tagged as Agent of Corruption

County news

The much anticipated gubernatorial debate for the Kitui County race took place yesterday and took many of Kitui County residents by surprise. Hundreds of Kitui voters stayed tuned and glued to their radios in order to hear what their leaders had to say. From Mwingi North, to Kitui South and from Kitui East to Kitui Rural, listeners send in hot questions to the candidates to add fire into an already heated up debate.

The debate eventually turned out to be an expose of Hon Ngilu’s dark past as issues of the Umaa dam, corruption and Makueni cartels kept cropping out throughout the debate.

“Ngilu failed to improve health care in Kitui, instead she was moving around carrying mosquito nets and boxes of condoms to give to our women. This is a job that a Divisional Health Officer would have done while the minister concentrated on building dispensaries, equipping hospitals and sourcing insurance covers for our people. I will prioritize health when I become governor”, said Hon David Musila.

“Ask Madam Charity Ngilu why she never completed Umaa dam. We are aware that items were procured by companies associated with her children and Makueni relatives. Is it true that a spade was bought at Kshs 78,750 while a wheelbarrow was bought at Kshs 96,450 a piece?”, asked a voter.

“Why is Mama Ngilu still vying for the governor’s seat yet she said she should never be elected if Umaa Dam is never completed? She looted all the Umaa Dam money and she now intends to steal the County Government Kitty”, another listener posed.

All these attempts Ngilu failed to adequately satisfy listeners on the matter of Umaa Dam and corruption. She messed it all up when she said that there was a total of 6 Dams in the whole country and only the one in Kitui County stuck.

“How could you complete dams in other areas and fail to prioritize the dam at your home? Why does it always have to be you when the matter of corruption comes out in this country. The ministry of water, ministry of health and now the Ministry of Lands?” interjected a fired Hon Musila.