Bloodcurdling remarks

Just watched the media coverage of the Raila defence of his outrageous hate remarks. To say that I’m disappointed is an understatement.
Raila shamelessly picks the good part of his reckless remarks…. “Warning people against selling land”. That’s right. Any sane leader would warn against selling land.
But Raila conveniently forgets the part he says ” Wana vamia, vamia mashamba.” And ” Kwani huko kwao hakuna mashamba?” ” Si warudi kwao!!!”
These last parts were the offensive, dangerous, risky, and bloodcurdling remarks. All clashes since the Rift Valley clashes in 1991, the Likoni clashes in 1997 and post election 2008 clashes were sparked by reckless politicians who brought a rift between locals and non local legal land buyers.
Why didn’t the media ask Raila to explain his “warudi kwao” remarks? Why only let him off with the ” Musi uze mashamba” part?
Problem is this:::: media may hide the offensive remarks…. But the Maasai in Kajiado got the message. They do not watch TV, but already know that Tarehe Nane, ukombozi means getting their land back.
This is how the media contributes to violence. By openly siding with reckless remarks.
Raila has to be forced by NCIC to go back to Kajiado to clear the air. Kitengela Kiserian, Ngong, Matasia, Athi River and other similar residents, and investors need that.

One thought on “Bloodcurdling remarks

  1. Politicians no matter their tribal affiliation should refrain from making inciteful remarks. we seem to forget so fast what happened in 2007. We need Kenya to be intact after the august 8th elections no matter the outcome.


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