“Grow up,” Jubilee tells Raila over ballot tender issue

The Standard

The opposition coalition NASA led by Raila Odinga’s calls for the resignation of the IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba and the election operations director Immaculate Kasait have given the country a new twist on the political space and would bury alive attempts to reignite the ICC narrative.

The opposition demands have not gone well with Jubilee Party’s campaign top brass with secretary general Raphael Tuju faulting the opposition for linking the party to the tender awarding process that saw a Dubai firm Al Ghurair earn the chance to print ballot materials for the elections.

While in an interview on a local televisions station, Tuju asked NASA presidential candidate, Raila Odinga to ”grow up”, citing the claims which he termed as baseless and accused the leaders of seeking to polarize the country.

The opposition claim that President Uhuru in collusion with technical staff at the electoral body influenced the tender awarding process to Dubai-based Al Ghurair Print and Publishing Company Limited.

“We have established that the CEO of this firm Mr. Aziz Al Ghurair is an intimate friend of the Kenyatta family and a frequent guest at the home of Mr. Muhoho Kenyatta. In fact, Mr. Muhoho is the local contact for Al Ghurair and possibly a shareholder in the firm. Information in our possession indicates that the Chief Executive Officer of the IEBC Mr. Ezra Chiloba and director of Election Operations and Voter Registration Immaculate Kasait were the contacts for State House in the decision to award to the tender unprocedurally and illegally to Al Ghurair,” said Musalia Mudavadi on Wednesday.

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr during the interview asked Tuju to respect Mr Odinga and termed the ‘grow up’ remarks as completely demeaning.

Tuju’s comments were faced by harsh criticism from the senator and political analyst Barrack Muluka who said the sentiments were obnoxious.

He asked Nasa presidential candidate, Raila Odinga to ”grow up”, citing the claims, sentiments that received harsh criticism from Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr and analyst Barack Muluka.

Both IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba and the operations director Immaculate Kasait have dismissed the claims by the opposition saying IEBC was not acting on behalf of Statehouse while awarding the tender.

The opposition has also linked the President’s family members to the firm but IEBC has maintained that they will fly representatives of presidential candidates, religious leaders, the media and the private sector to accompany them so as to witness the printing of the ballot papers.

NASA has fears that the company could be used to print extra ballots that would help Jubilee rig insisting that the tender must be cancelled and awarded to another firm.

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