Mega Regret

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Isaac Kiprono Ruto is not a stupid man. He is not as naïve as the youthful excited men who follow Raila.
Two weeks after openly joining NASA as “Fifth Principal” Isaac Kiprono Ruto realized that he made the biggest political blunder of his 35 years in Politics.
He went to his people on the ground and discovered that the ground refused to shift.
Isaac Kiprono Ruto has stopped attending NASA rallies. He is fighting to retain his post as Governor.
You would expect that being given the huge post of Deputy Premier in a ” 10 million ” strong party, Isaac Kiprono Ruto would be excitedly campaigning for Raila. Alas, After weighing both options….. Isaac Kiprono Ruto has quickly retreated back to fight for his post as Governor.
Now, if Isaac Kiprono Ruto, a veteran of 35 years in politics, and having been promised a senior Deputy Premier post- can run away from NASA rallies….. You as a young voter, who has not been promised even a small post like PA to MCA’s Secretary uko hapa una tisha tisha watu eti “if votes are stolen bla bla bla”
Young man and woman, the shock that will hit you in August….. Bado ina Fanya Tizi Enugu…

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