EXPOSED! During NASA manifesto launch

EXPOSED- Just Like In the Fake ICC cases, NASA has coached a number of people to speak during the Manifesto Launch.
Unlike Jubilee, that used real examples of Success- Raila has lined up a number of people to speak like the coached Witnesses at ICC here is just a sample of what he has lined up tonight….
Just like we got exclusive list of Raila’s Coached Witnesses at the ICC, we now exclusively give you what the coached complainers are going to say tonight
1.Rachael Syntamei– Activist Narok County she talks about Corruption *Implying leaders(Jubilee)have done nothing, she said the leaders act deaf to corruption issues, govt covers up corruption issues and govt must be blamed and Judiciary is not to blame *Equity-She said there is no equal distribution of resources.

2.Samuel Baraza- Bungoma County-Operates Boda in Nairobi *Cost of Living-He was told to insist that the cost of living is high. and unbearable, he said from 15k he earns it’s not easy to survive.

3.Pamela Kamsoi- Kibra Constituency she talks about *Insecurity-Narrated how she was robbed at gun point,Blamed govt for insecurity(Kapedo and Baringo) and said Uhuru has done nothing, Blamed the govt for neglecting the police, said KDF went to Somalia to do business and not fight terrorists.

4.Beatrice Wanjohi(Nyeri County) *Health- She wasTold to say that the health sector is pathetic, in fact she blamed the govt for her husband death in 2010,by all means driven to blame govt.

5.Alvin Odera *Cost of Living Told to say Cost of Linving is high and Food situation is bad, Told to discredit economic growth in Kenya during Jubilee reign, Told to say most of his customers take things on credit since they can’t manage to do cash.

6.George Odera -Siaya county (Taxi driver) *Equity-Told to insist only 2 communities get jobs(Kikuyus and Kalenjin) also told to insist that tribalism is promoted by Kikuyus and Kalenjin.

7.Ali Bashir (Mandera) *Terrorism-Told to blame govt for not doing enough on terrorism, told to insist that North Kenya is worst marginalised under Jubilee than any other govt since independence,was also told to say that Jubilee is a government of only two communities.Told to say the President only remembers Northern Kenya only when looking for votes.

8.Lucy Wandoi(Taita County) *Cost of Living-She was told to say it’s very high, her interview was short because she dint co-operate as required.

9.Calvin Owiti. *Insecurity-Blamed police for insecurity, Dismissed Nyumba saying its a lazy idea.

10.Fred Okemo Omoke-Kisii County *Agriculture, he said that fertilizer isn’t available at subsidized cost, said no enough technical teams to help farmers on the ground

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