NASA has become the enemy of development sabotaging everything Jubilee builds

Since the Jubilee government came to power, there has been one section of our Kenyan politics that is trying so hard to make the regime look like it is failing. This section is lead by non-other than Raila Odinga. We have been treated to many dramas which at some point are seen as petty attention-seeking from the Former Prime Minister. He has tried so hard to stay relevant and this is done by making sure that he shows up on the TV screens whining.

There are a lot of occasions where Odinga has totally lost it. The latest is his claims that the Jubilee government is planning on rigging an election with the help of our defense force. This is a very dangerous claim and it is one claim that should NEVER come from a man of his caliber. Our security forces (KDF) have been keeping our country safe and trying to turn a section of Kenyans against it for political gain is very DANGEROUS. Odinga has become an enemy of peace and these claims will cause violence if his people take him very seriously.

The Jubilee government has tried its best to make sure that they improve the livelihood of Kenyans. This has been very hard for the whole region due to the prolonged droughts that brought up the problem of food shortage. On the other hand, the opposition as contributed a lot in making sure that the Jubilee government doesn’t have an easy work. They have opposed everything that the government tries to do and at some point sabotaged a lot of projects. Here are some of the things that the opposition has destroyed in the name of trying to make the government look bad.


  • The devolution ministry with the help of the NYS facilitated the building of clinics and toilets to improve the health of the people of Kibera. This was seen as a plan of the government to steal Raila’s influence in Kibera. You might as well guess what happened. All those infrastructures that were meant to help the people of Kibera were brought down under the instruction of Odinga’s circle.
  • We all remember when Joho said that he will make sure that The standard gauge railway is brought down because they are against it. This was not an empty threat. We witnessed it being vandalized a week before it was launched.
  • Kenya has built its trust around the KDF in a way that they know that the country is safe because of the work they are doing. This is something that Odinga has decided that it doesn’t advantage him and the recent rigging claims involving the KDF says it all. Right now Odinga is rallying a section of Kenyans against the KDF is a move that he wants us to lose the trust we already have for our forces.
  • The latest is what has happened in Budalangi. In one of the NASA canpaigns in Western, Wetangula called The Budalangi MP, Ababu Namwamba “The enemy of NASA and Western”. This is because he decided to work with Jubilee and make sure that his people are not left behind. One major project that the NASA team was against is the building of Sigiri Bridge.
  • Yesterday Odinga was heckled with “Uhuru Tena” chants in Budalangi because of the bridge and it was brought down hours later.

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