5-point NASA manifesto

Ladies and gentlemen, the people who:

1. Have balkanized Kenya along tribal lines in a desperate attempt to get power, are promising us “A United Nation where tribe doesn’t matter and every Kenyan is valued. The people who have promised to isolate Central region are promising an “inclusive leadership”.

2. Are funded by the very corrupt tenderpreneur and drug lords are promising a “Government of, by, and for the people…a government you can trust”. The men who encouraged their governors to loot the counties dry are promising to protect devolution and put an end to corruption.

3. Are on record fighting the empowerment of their own are promising us “A Caring Nation where no one sleeps hungry”. The guys who messed NHIF are promising Universal Healthcare. People under whose reign the free primary education almost came to a halt want us to believe they’ll avail free secondary and tertiary education.

4. Have an history scaring away foreign investors and oppressing the local ones are promising ‘An equal opportunity nation where economic growth favors everyone’. Can you imagine the man who was accused of soliciting bribe from Dominion Farm promising to empower all farmers and entrepreneurs?

5. Who uproot railways and ‘burn’ roads promising a “modern infrastructure”. The men and women who are opposed to giving electricity to low income earners are now promising reliable energy supply to all.

6. Frown at international visits and dismiss bilateral trade agreements between Kenya and US (for instance) are promising ” a vibrant foreign policy”

The saddest part is that we have Kenyans who’ll sing tibim to the above false promises. Now you see why I weep for my country.

Symbol of national unity

We wish to remind you that Dr. Kenyatta has (for the umpteenth time) shown that he cares about the welfare of all Kenyans (irrespective of their political affiliations).

Yes, Daktari persuaded EABL to invest a whooping 15,000,000,000 in Kisumu…a project that will employ thousands of people who may not even recognize Uhuru’s presidency.

Now that’s the type of man I’m proud to call my president. A true symbol of national unity.

Enjoy your day.


1. While some politicians are dismissing SGR as a useless investment, Kenyans are busy enjoying faster and cheaper transport between Nairobi and Mombasa. You have to book in advance…

2. As some politicians shout themselves hoarse dismissing free Maternity and NHIF outpatient services, thousands of women are enjoying the free maternity. In fact, I just used my NHIF card to get a free full lower limb MRI Scan (at the German Medical Center) something that would ordinarily cost me 50k

3. As some politicians move from one rally to the next saying the youth have been neglected, thousands of youth are using Uwezo Fund, Youth Enterprise Funds and even tenders to better their lives.

4. As some politicians croak over poor service delivery, hundreds flock different Huduma Centers to take advantage of quicker government services.

5. As some politicians of farmers being neglected, thousands of Kenyans are already lining to pick subsidized fertilizer and seeds. They are not listening to the noise.

One thing is clear, Kenyans don’t care much about the political rhetoric, they are happy to enjoy the available services as they ask and wait for more!

Why they hate Dr. Ruto

You may be wondering why ODMlets hate H.E. Dr. William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto more than they do death. Why they blame him more than they do Satan. Well,..

Dr. Ruto is the only guy who got their Ayatollah closest to real power…an asset they mistreated out of their outfit. Under the stupid belief that they created Ruto thus he wouldn’t survive a political day outside ODM.

Now that Ruto is politically larger than large and with Daktari (Uhuru Kenyatta), ODM Supremo’s chances of being Kenya’s head of state have been multiplied by zero. And of course there is nothing like Nusu Mkate government.

To make matters worst, Dr. Ruto has already tasted the presidency (remember when Uhuru handed him the instruments of power) and is assured of taking over from Bwana Kenyatta as Kenya’s 5th President.

Hata kama ni wewe, how would you feel about the man who sealed your fate?

That’s all for now.

Uhuru keeps his words

If there is one thing that endears many to Daktari, it’s the value of his word. President Kenyatta may be many things but never unreliable. Dr. Uhuru keeps his word. He fulfills promises. That’s why:

1. Dr. William Ruto is happily supporting Uhuru’s second term. He knows he may not get anyone else’s support come 2022, but Uhuru’s is guaranteed. And that’s all he needs to be Kenya’s president in 2022. Uhuru’s word is enough for William.

2. Hon. Eng. Rege forfeited a guaranteed reelection on ODM ticket to campaign for Dr. Uhuru’s reelection in Luo Nyanza. Uhuru fulfilled all he promised the people of Karachuonyo and beyond. Uhuru’s fulfilled promises is enough for Engineer.

3. I have no problem risking my life supporting Daktari. He promised me better health facilities and I had a bilateral lower limbs MRI without paying a cent. He promised a working transport and my friend George arrived from Mombasa via Madaraka Express in barely 4 hrs. He promised improved service delivery and I registered a LLC in a day. He promised me security and I can enjoy tea in an cafeteria in Eastleigh without looking over my shoulder. Daktari promised cheap education and my younger cousin did his exams without paying a cent.

Uhuru keeps his word. That may not be enough for you (as you may be into empty rhetoric and stories), but it’s enough for me.


When Uhuru draws a large crowd in Bungoma, ODMlets claim they are rented and ferried…insisting the people of Bungoma will vote Rao to last man.


When Raila draws a large crowd in Bomet, ODMlets insist the people are tired of Jubilee and Kalenjins have shown they’ll vote for Rao overwhelmingly.


When Uhuru ends up with thousands of votes from Bungoma as Rao gets hundreds from Bomet, the same ODMlets will be on the streets burning roads, stoning buildings and singing No Raila No Peace.


Rewarded for making Kenya ungovenorable

Where are those teachers who insulted and blocked me for saying that Sossion was a Raila puppet sending them to the streets to settle political scores? I need an apology, your Sossion is getting rewarded with a political nomination for a job well done! Otherwise, why else would ODM nominate Sossion?

I said the same about Doctors (Oluga), UWASU (Kolale) and Nurses (Panyako) strikes…they were all political…a desperate attempt to make Kenya ungovernable using compromised union heads and tapping on the workers greed for more.

Thank goodness, the state of our nation is STRONGEST!