Jobless Luo

Dear Jobless Luo Youth In Siaya, Kisumu, Homa Bay, Migori and Kibera……. Raila Odinga and David Ndii together with a number of NGO Bosses are right now seated in some air conditioned five Star Hotel Lobby.They are planning to Burn Kenya. Not with firewood. No. They want to use your foolishness, and your blood to burn Kenya.
They will send you to meet the ruthless GSU, the terrifying AP QRT, and the heartless Prison Warders. They will not arm you with guns and bullets, but with hate and stones.
On this, do not expect the youth of Ukambani, and Luyhialand to join you. Just as in the IEBC Demos, they only watched from their TV screens as your skulls were being cracked.
We will attend your funerals, you will be stuck in hospital for several months (if you are lucky to be alive). Raila will hold a rally, promise to pay your family 300,000, and he will not honour his word.

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