1. While some politicians are dismissing SGR as a useless investment, Kenyans are busy enjoying faster and cheaper transport between Nairobi and Mombasa. You have to book in advance…

2. As some politicians shout themselves hoarse dismissing free Maternity and NHIF outpatient services, thousands of women are enjoying the free maternity. In fact, I just used my NHIF card to get a free full lower limb MRI Scan (at the German Medical Center) something that would ordinarily cost me 50k

3. As some politicians move from one rally to the next saying the youth have been neglected, thousands of youth are using Uwezo Fund, Youth Enterprise Funds and even tenders to better their lives.

4. As some politicians croak over poor service delivery, hundreds flock different Huduma Centers to take advantage of quicker government services.

5. As some politicians of farmers being neglected, thousands of Kenyans are already lining to pick subsidized fertilizer and seeds. They are not listening to the noise.

One thing is clear, Kenyans don’t care much about the political rhetoric, they are happy to enjoy the available services as they ask and wait for more!

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